Tips from Texas Hard Money Lenders: How to Evaluate the Costs of a Fix and Flip

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January 2, 2016
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Tips from Texas Hard Money Lenders: How to Evaluate the Costs of a Fix and Flip

If you are in the market to purchase a fix and flip home as an investment property, you are in good company. Real estate is typically a good investment and you can make large profits. However, you should make sure that you go into your endeavor with your eyes open and ready for any challenges that may arise. This is where Texas hard money lenders come in. They have been there, done that, and seen it all. 

When you are looking at properties to rehab, the task can become a bit overwhelming for both experienced and novice flippers alike. Knowing which properties to buy and which ones to pass on can be crucial in determining whether or not you make a profit. Take it from the experts who have been there before. According to Texas hard money lenders, not all fix and flip properties are the same. There are certain criteria that will help you make more money and some that may lead to failure.

3 Criteria You Should Use to Evaluate Your Fix and Flip, According to Texas Hard Money Lenders

When you are ready to start looking for a property to rehab, here are three things that can make or break your investment according to Texas hard money lenders.
1. Location. This is probably the single most important factor in whether your fix and flip will be successful. Most buyers care more about the location of a home than fancy finishes. Choose an area with good schools, parks, family friendly, and close to local attractions. This will appeal to the broadest buyer base.
2. Neighborhood. Even a great location can be ruined by a bad neighborhood. Make sure you drive around the block at a few different times of day to ensure that the home is a good, safe neighborhood.
3. Layout. This can be changed to some extent but, according to many Texas hard money lenders, changing it can get very expensive, very quickly. Make sure the home you are buying has good bones and a decent floor plan. The more open space, the better.

Once you are ready to dive in on your fix and flip, call Texas hard money lenders to get the financing you need!

Our experts at Level 4 Funding can help you through every step of the way and explain why a hard money loan is the best option for savvy investors like yourself. Call us today to learn more!


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