Rental Property Loans: Things to consider when it comes to Conforming Mortgages.

Things to consider about Rental Property Loans
October 9, 2018
Evaluating your options when it comes to Arizona Investment Property Financing
October 9, 2018

4page_img1When it comes to rental property loans, conforming mortgages are the lowest cost financing option available. Learn about the basic providers of this type of financing, what they will expect from you as a borrower and whether or not this is the right financing option for you.

A “conforming mortgage” is essentially the same thing as a standard home loan. The main difference is that you the borrower use the loan to purchase an Arizona Investment Property instead of a primary residence. Because you are using the loan proceeds to buy an Arizona Investment Property, lenders charge more for this type of loan and expect more from you as a borrower. Simply put, you are going to pay your primary mortgage first and foremost before paying the mortgage on your Arizona Investment Property.

This added risk makes this type of loan a bit more expensive than a standard home loan.

When it comes to conforming mortgage providers, lenders fall into three broad categories, online, businesses investment lenders and traditional banks.

Online providers offer convenience when compared with the other two types of lenders because you don’t have to go to a physical location to apply.  With online lenders, you can complete the entire lending process from the comfort of your home. Business investment lenders are ideal for borrowers who are a, businesses and b, looking for greater flexibility. The other two types of mortgage providers don’t usually lend for commercial or multifamily purchases. A traditional brick and mortar bank is best if you are looking for a provider with insight into your local market. In addition, one-on-one meetings with your lender in this situation, give you the opportunity to build a relationship, which you could leverage to secure a better deal.

In the case of Rental Property Loans, and specifically conforming mortgages, your eligibility will come down to a specific set criteria.

No matter which type of mortgage provider you choose there are basic standards borrowers should know before approaching any investment lender.

Basically, you can’t have a credit score lower than 620. Don’t have your debts take up more than 25 percent of your regular income, this is known as Debt to Income Ratio. If your debt to income ratio, it exceeds the 25 percent standard, expect your application to run into difficulties. If your score is lower than 620, or if you have a lot of outstanding debt you are better off considering alternative forms of financing.

When it comes to rental property loans, a standard conforming mortgage may not always the right help for you.

There are many situations where a “conforming mortgage,” might not meet your needs.

Conforming mortgages,  conform to the standards set by Fannie  Mae and Freddie Mac. Therefore there are specific situations where no matter how great your credit is, you will not qualify for a conforming mortgage.

The property you aim to purchase may be in deplorable condition. No conforming mortgage lender will be able to approve a loan on a property that falls short of FHA guidelines.If the property you want to invest in is in shambles you should look into a  rehab loan first.

Another situation is where you have 4 or more outstanding mortgages, the more mortgages you have the great scrutiny a lender will have give to your credit profile until you essentially need perfect credit to qualify. If this is your case, look into a blanket mortgage.

However, conforming mortgages are perhaps the most comfortable option for those just getting into the rental business. Before looking into a conforming mortgage, consider which type of lender can meet your needs, know the basic standards of qualification and whether or not a conforming mortgage is really best type of financing for your specific situation.

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