Trust Deed Investing: Not Always a Big Risk

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October 29, 2018
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October 31, 2018

4page_img3-bigDon’t avoid trust deed investing just because someone else told you it’s risky. These investments can offer you great benefits, if you can get past some common misconceptions. Learn about the process, the basic benefits and  some simple strategies to avoid risk. Come to your own conclusions about this type of investment so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

You may be wondering how this process works. The simplest way to explain deed of trust investments is an individual borrower approaches trust deed broker, and you as an individual investor,  fund the loan. As the borrower pays down their loan, you receive regular payments in the form of interest.

In the case of Arizona trust deed investing, you receive the benefit of regular fixed interest payments from the borrower

After the promissory note a.k.a. The trust deed is filed you the investor receive monthly interest payments as the loan is paid down.  When the investment comes to term, you are usually paid the full amount of the remaining principle, along with any remaining interest payments.

This type of investment allows you to earn a steady stream of contractually obligated income, with little to no effort on your part. All you need to do is fund the loan and usually your broker can take care of the rest.

However, this may seem risky, and you may be wondering ‘why don’t these trust deed borrowers go to regular banks?’

Frequently traditional banks refuse to underwrite the types of deals that trust deeds secure.  Not because of inherent risk, but because of bank bureaucracy.

Don’t just assume trust deed investing in Arizona is dangerous because these borrowers cant qualify for conventional financing.

Some borrowers need the flexibility offered by trust deed brokers. Most banks refuse to lend to midsize commercial developers, on account of their ‘checkbox mentality.’ If a borrower’s project doesn’t meet a traditional lender’s stringent criteria, their application gets denied, no matter how strong the borrowers financial standing. So not every deed of trust investment is inherently risky.

However, as with any investment, there is some risk involved.  A reputable broker should offer you the specific details of your investment. They should provide you with documents detailing the project type, the property, and the specific terms of the loan. Above all your broker should provide you with a clear outline of the borrowers exit strategy.

The main thing you want to look into when it comes to these types of deals as the borrower’s exit strategy, or their plan to pay back their loan. If something doesn’t sit right with you, when it comes to the borrower’s exit strategy its in your best interest to avoid getting involved.

Nevertheless don’t neglect the benefits of trust deeds, these investments present you with the opportunity to invest in real-estate without the inconvenience of managing the property yourself. Don’t just assume because the borrower in this case can’t qualify for conventional financing that these deals are too risky. If you can be confident that an individual borrower can pay back the loan, trust deeds can be an excellent investment.

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