Trust Deed Investing: Tactics to Avoid Risk

Trust Deed Investing: Differences, Benefits, and Strategies to avoid risk.
October 29, 2018
Trust Deed Investing: Risk Less by Going Small
October 29, 2018

iStock_000002512608_LargeIn the case of trust deed investing you want to make money, and of course you want to risk less. Learn some basic ways to mitigate the risks when it comes to this form of investment.

A deed of trust is a three-party mortgage. You act as the investor in individual loans and receive a regular return of interest payments as the loan is paid off.  Deeds of trust allow you to act as a passive partner in real-estate deals, all you need to do is fund the loan. You then earn regular income as the borrower’s loan is paid back.

However as with any investment, there is some risk involved.

Obviously, there are many different types of real estate, and there are just as many types of trust deed investments. So one way to protect yourself from risk is to understand the type of property and the individual project being financed. 

When it comes to real estate, there are two broad categories: residential and commercial. Residential projects and properties usually imply a lower risk and therefore a lower return.  Commercial projects, on the other hand, present the opportunity for higher returns and of course present a higher risk.

In the case of commercial projects, deals for financing the development of office, retail or industrial properties are very risky while apartment loans usually prove far more stable. However, the risk involved with each deed of trust will depend on the details of the individual, property, project, and market.

So develop a sense of the local market to get a read on whether a given trust deed is a worthwhile investment. Using your discretion in any investment is critical when it comes to avoiding risk.

With Arizona trust deed investing, if you can, you should get a your own sense of each deal before investing.

When it comes to trust deeds, don’t just rely on your broker’s understanding of the deal.  Exercise due diligence and proceed with caution before investing in any deed. Use common sense and consider how your broker underwrites the loan. Ask whether you agree with the stated valuation of the property being mortgaged and it’s income potential. If you don’t agree, you might want to avoid investing.

The fundamental way to avoid risk when it comes to investing deeds of trust is to develop confidence in the individual borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. Carefully scrutinize the details of their financial history provided by your broker and see if you agree with their conclusions. As above all, you do not want your borrower to default.

When it comes to trust deed investing, you can risk less by ensuring your borrower can pay back the loan.

Borrower default, as with any loan, is the most significant risk when it comes to deeds of trust.

Yes, you can potentially sell you trust deed to another investor, but if things go south on the part of the borrower, there is little if any chance another investor will repurchase your loan from you.  Yes, you can foreclose if a borrower defaults, but foreclosed properties rarely sell for their full market value.

So don’t just rely on your brokers assumptions. Develop your own understanding of the property or project secured by the deed and have confidence in the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Both of these approaches will help you avoid the worst case scenario, default and foreclosure.

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