Dreams Come True with Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

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November 26, 2018
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November 26, 2018

How to invest in real estate with Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

Before applying for an Arizona Fix and Flip Loan, you need set a plan in motion. First, locate a property and analyze the surrounding neighborhood comparing the retail values of homes that have recently sold in the area. Put a number on how much the properties are worth. Afterwards, get an idea for how much the renovation of the property will cost. Does it need a new kitchen, a new roof, or exterior paint? What are all of the perceived costs? Once you have found a property that is profitable on paper, you need to factor in the costs of financing and other unforeseeable expenditures.

After setting out the basic blueprint, acquire lending. From lender to lender, note that the structure of Arizona Fix and Flip Loans may vary. Generally, hard money Arizona Fix and Flip Loans have an average LTV ranging between 55% to 80%. If you possess property with phenomenal positive equity or have property that you own outright, you may be able to qualify for Arizona Hard Money Loans of 90% and even up to 100% depending on lender stipulations. However, on average, you will need anywhere from 20% to 45% cash down to get a hard money loan. This shows the lender that you are committed and that you have the equity to buffer a foreclosure.

After establishing LTV, the next item on the list is the interest rate. For Arizona Fix and Flip Loans, you can expect lower interest rates to start around 8%. The average interest rates range from 8% to 14%. While these rates tend to be higher than traditional lenders, banks or credit unions, they are more easily acquired with less federal regulations. Making them a popular choice among many real estate investors.

The Advantages of Arizona Fix and Flip Loans 

One of the main advantages of hard money Arizona Fix and Flip Loans is that they allow individuals to receive a 40% to 50% return on investment with a minimum amount cash down or personal investment. On top of this, the return from flipping houses can be seen within a short amount of time, say 2 to 6 months, depending on the size and scale of the flip.

From entrepreneurs and hobbyists to celebrities, Arizona Fix and Flip Loans has helped many to profit from their investments.

From blue-collar workers to HGTV celebrities, flipping houses has become a lucrative business and hobby. For this reason, Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are able maintain a supplementary profit for the weekend warrior or bolster a business capable of flipping several houses a year. Contact your hard money broker to find out if Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are right for you.

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