Private Money Lenders: Finding the Help that’s Right for You

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November 5, 2018
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shutterstock_144470392 smallPrivate money lenders can help take your real estate investment business to the next level. Learn what private money is the most basic sense, how these deal might work and some questions to ask yourself so you can find the help that’s right for your specific situation.

When compared to other types of financing, private money can offer you speed and flexibility. These lenders aren’t tangled in a web of bureaucratic guidelines like traditional banks. As private individuals they set their own rules about who qualifies for financing, how quickly a deal can close and how much a borrower needs to pay in terms of interest and fees. But what is private money exactly?

The simplest way to explain private money is that it’s anyone with the funds on hand to finance your project. There are three levels in the hierarchy of private lenders. The first level includes your friends and family and those closest to you. The next level might consist of your fellow real estate investors, coworkers or colleagues. The third level of private lenders includes accredited investors and hard money providers.

It is important to note that in the case of private money, some financiers might act more as investors instead of actual lenders and it is important to understand the implications.

When it comes to Private Money Lenders you need to know the differences between investors and actual lenders.

When it comes to private money, the first two levels in the hierarchy act more like individual investors rather than actual lenders. Basically, in these deals, the investor finances the purchase of your property upfront and then receives a percentage of the returns.

When it comes to the third level, hard money, these financiers act as lenders, in that they offer loans with preset interest rates and fixed terms. So how can you determine which type of private money provider is best for your specific situation?

With private money lenders ask yourself some questions to find the help thats right for you.

To determine which type of private money provider might be right for your next real estate investment deal ask yourself a few questions.

Does your real estate development project require more flexibility?  If so, then a direct private equity investor might offer you a better arrangement. If your worried that your next deal might suffer due to high vacancy rates or that it might sit awhile on the market, a private investor can offer you a bit of deference. An institutional lender will pretty much always expect you to make payments on your loan, regardless of your situation.

Or do you need a reliable source of financing immediately? Individual investors usually don’t have the funds on hand to fully finance your deal. If there is especially attractive investment property up for grabs, you can’t wait around on your rich uncle to liquidate his various assets in an effort to fund your loan. In these cases you’ll likely want funding right away so a hard money provider is likely your best bet.

Whichever type of lender you opt for, private money offers you flexibility and convenience when compared to more conventional financing.

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