The Real Deal: Arizona Private Money Lenders Connect with Clients in an Era of Red Tape

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November 26, 2018
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November 26, 2018

2page_img4Understanding Arizona Private Money Lenders and their relationship with both lenders and investors

Arizona Private Money Lenders are individuals or investment groups that are not backed by an official financial organization. They are not banks and they usually do not advertise to the public. Instead, on a word-of-mouth basis, Arizona Private Money Lenders lend money to individuals with whom they have a direct or indirect relationship. While some individuals believe that there is inherent risk in receiving loans from a private lender because they are not backed by an institution, others seem to find comfort in a person-to-person relation with a lender with whom they can talk and reason with individually.

Arizona Private Money Lenders are investors of their own money and that of other investors. They pool a significant amount of money, find suitable investments and secure returns in the form of interest, equity, and property. Their goal is to eke out a growing profit stable enough to support them and their investors.

To do business, Arizona Private Money Lenders require a dead of trust and notes to secure loans. The deed to a property is held by a private money lender until the note or loan is payed off by the borrower. Should the borrower fail to pay of the remainder of the note and foreclosure is unavoidable, the deed of trust permits the lender to take back the property and liquidate it.

Advantages of Arizona Private Money Lenders

Arizona Private Money Lenders charge higher interest rates and lend for shorter terms than banks. While this may seem likely to drive away clients, Arizona Private Money Lenders have formed a niche market for those who have credit issues, foreclosures, bankruptcies, or sold and bought real estate. Situated outside of the federal regulations of financial institutions, Arizona Private Money Lenders have more flexibility and patience with lenders. Many times, Arizona Private Money Lenders are able to prolong foreclosure and work through temporary issues with clients to secure money, excising a healthy balance between grace and justice where banks would prefer to cut out the pound of flesh.

Arizona Private Money Lenders provide a personable and understanding relationship with their clients.

If you, like many, have a need for a private loan, research the Arizona Private Money Lenders in your local community. Or find mortgage brokers or individuals who have dealt with or have received loans from these types of lending sources. Locate the lending source that suits you. 

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