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November 9, 2019

What are Arizona Hard Money Lenders?

There are many misconceptions surrounding Arizona Hard Money Lenders. Learn the truth so that you can take advantage of the many loans that they offer real […]
November 9, 2019

Five Types of Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

There are several different types of Arizona Fix and Flip Loans that you can obtain when looking to get into this lucrative real estate investment. Know […]
November 8, 2019

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Hard Money Loans in Arizona

For some people, a Hard Money Loans in Arizona is a fantastic option for them. This, however, is not true for everyone. The following is the […]
November 7, 2019

The Top Five Options When Seeking a Fix and Flip Loan

Real estate investors use Arizona Fix and Flip Loans for short term financing to purchase and renovate a property with the intent of selling it for […]
November 6, 2019

Your Guide on How to Obtain Arizona Rental Property Loans

Obtaining your first rental property can seem like an enormous undertaking. Finding the right Arizona Rental Property Loan is often the first obstacle to overcome. You’ve […]
November 5, 2019

What you Need to Know About Arizona Residential Hard Money Lenders

Opportunities in residential investments have skyrocketed these last seven years. Funding, however, is not as easy as it used to be. Find out which Arizona Residential […]
November 4, 2019

Advice to Hosts About Arizona Airbnb Loans

Airbnb is now offering loans to prospective hosts. These Arizona Airbnb Loans can be used for renovation as well as construction from the ground up. Airbnb […]
November 3, 2019

Everything You Do and Do Not Want to Know About Arizona Construction Loans

There are numerous types of Arizona construction loans that can get you started as a contractor. Understand which one is best for your business before you […]
November 2, 2019

What are Arizona Bridge Loans and How Do They Work?

In certain types of real estate markets, Arizona Bridge Loans are popular and serve both investors and home owners. If you are currently in an existing […]
November 1, 2019

The Basics for Getting an Arizona Airbnb Loan

An increasing number of investors are purchasing property that they then turn around and rent via Airbnb. Find an Arizona Airbnb Loan in order to get […]
October 31, 2019

100% LTV Hard Money Loans in Arizona

Finding the right lender is your first step in starting your real estate investment portfolio. There are 100% loan-to-value (LTV) Hard Money Loans in Arizona—you just […]
October 30, 2019

How to Obtain Your First Arizona Fix and Flip Loan

Getting in on the fix and flip real estate model can be a very lucrative investment strategy. Knowing who to turn to and which Arizona Fix […]
October 29, 2019

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

The fix and flip investment strategy involves purchasing the ideal property that is ripe for renovation or a quick turnaround. There are several types of Arizona […]
October 28, 2019

Bridge Loans: The Help That’s Right for You?

Bridge loans allow investors and developers the opportunity get their unrealized projects off the drawing board and into reality. These loans allow investors to take advantage […]
October 27, 2019

Loans for Flipping Houses: Why You Should Avoid the Bank

Many are enticed to get into the flipping business, either by reality television or the prospect of tidy profits. But few people just getting into the […]
October 26, 2019

Construction Loans: The Benefits of Short to Permanent Financing

Construction loans are a confusing issue, a Frankenstein of sorts among real estate financing, as they usually come in the form of two loans in one. […]
October 25, 2019

Simple Strategies to Risk Less When it Comes to Fix and Flip Loans

More and more are getting into the flipping business. Look at the statistics. In 2017, 207,888 single family homes and condos were flipped, the highest number […]
October 24, 2019

Spec Home Financing: Why Private Money is the Real Deal

It’s doubtful that any builder has the cash in on hand to construct a spec home out thin air. Most developers need some form of capital […]
October 23, 2019

Construction Loans: The Dangers of Going Off-Budget

Construction loans present a risk to both borrowers and lenders. As a borrower, you don’t have any assurance that your project will go according to plan […]
October 22, 2019

Bridge Loans: Fueling the Costs of 1031 Exchanges

1031 exchanges allow you to defer the payment of capital gains taxes by reinvesting your profits into another similar investment. Most industries lost out due to […]