The Best Place to get loans for Airbnb businesses in Arizona?

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p1_img2 Short-term vacation rentals are now a viable source of income thanks to platforms like Airbnb. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity, but what’s the best source of loans for AirBnB businesses?

In the past, it was challenging to secure consistent short-term rental income.

Vacation rentals were advertised through newspapers and other forms of advertising with limited reach.  How could Joe and Sally from Minnesota find out about a beachfront property available to rent on the coast of California?  Well, they really couldn’t. In the 21st century, things are different. Finding a regular stream Joe’s and Sally’s to lay do   wn several thousand dollars a week to stay in a beachfront home is now possible thanks to platforms like Airbnb. Depending on your locale, owning a vacation rental property could pay for half or more of your outstanding mortgage.

However, you may not have the funds on hand to purchase a vacation property outright, and unfortunately, traditional bank bureaucracy hasn’t quite come into the 21st century.

Getting an Arizona Airbnb loans can be difficult, bank regulations and FHA guidelines hamstring conventional lenders

A beachfront condo has just come onto the market. You know for a fact the best strategy here would be to rent it out on a short-term basis. So you go to your friendly neighborhood bank. It’s all smiles until the loan officer asks ” how do you intend to pay for the second mortgage?”

You explain that you intend to make money by renting out the property during tourist season.  The loan officer reviews his checklist, ” short-term rental hmmm, I’m sorry, we can account for that type of income.”

Essentially brick-and-mortar lenders haven’t caught up to the opportunity offered by platforms like Airbnb. Traditional lenders are for the most part unwilling to underwrite loans based on short-term rental income, which means the vacation property you intend to finance will be grossly undervalued. In most cases usually only the best borrowers can qualify.

Say you’ve found a dilapidated beachfront property, in a popular hip location. Prices in the area are prohibitive, and this busted up cabin is your only way to get in on the action. You know once the property is up to a livable standard, you could charge 500 bucks a night to rent it out. But, don’t even bother with a regular bank if a property is anything less than livable. Your deal will not close due to FHA guidelines.

If a distressed, but steeply discounted property, comes onto the market in an extremely lucrative area, conventional lenders, unable to resell your loan to Fannie and Freddie, are going to reject your application out of hand.

Private money can be the help you need to get an Arizona Airbnb loan.

In such situations, a private money provider is your best bet.  This type of lender can consider the short-term income potential of the property you want to finance because private lenders set their own rules when it comes to underwriting. Private lenders are also not beholden to FHA guidelines.

With a private lender on board, that condo is yours, even if you have an outstanding mortgage or less than perfect credit. With a private lender, you can transform that run down cabin into a gem. Airbnb will then be sending you a stream of Joe’s and Sallies who will pay you thousands of dollars a week for the privilege of staying in your refurbished vacation home.

So when it comes to vacation rentals, skip the bank and approach a private money provider first.

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