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Just Funded Hard Money Loans

Cash Out
Loan Amount $320,000
12% - Closed in 3 days
Austin TX


Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $560,000
Home Value $999,450
LTV 56% Mesa, AZ


Fix&Flip Mortgage
Loan Amount $90,000
Home Value $247,000
LTV 36% San Tan Valley, CA

Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $3,000,000 @9%
Home Value $4,850,000
LTV 61% Beverly Hills CA


Apartment Purchase
Loan Amount $650,000
Value $1,250,000
LTV 52% Phoenix, AZ


Construction Financing
Loan  $185,000 @ 9.5% 24 Months
Home Value $275,000
Prescott Valley AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $300,000
8.25% 60 Months
Sedona AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $450,000
8.0% 60 Months
Scottsdale AZ


Rental 2nd Mortgage
Loan Amount $42,000
18.9% 12 Months
Avodale, AZ

Fix/Flip and Construction Funding


November 10, 2020

How To Apply (& Get Accepted) For Real Estate Loans

The first step in buying your dream home is learning about the ins and outs of real estate loans.  A real estate loan, which is also referred to […]
January 9, 2024

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What You Need to Know to Make Money with Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona

Learn how to start making money with Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona even if you don’t have the credit score needed to get a loan at a traditional bank. Flipping houses isn’t just for TV stars anymore!

Flipping houses isn't just for the stars on popular channels like HGTV or the DIY Network anymore. With the right lending opportunity, you can start cashing out on the huge earnings that can come with flipping properties. Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona can cover the majority of expenses that come with flipping a property. For example, if you don't have any experience with construction or the manual labor that comes with flipping a house, your loan can go towards hiring contractors to help. That means that you can start earning money by flipping houses without ever having to have proper experience with shiplap or hammers and nails yourself. Flipping homes is truly the investment opportunity you have been waiting for to make your dreams come true and there is no better time than now to start. 
One factor that sometimes prevents people from flipping homes is lack of investment experience or a lack of the required credit score and credit history necessary to get a loan from a broker at a bank. However, there are plenty of opportunities to get Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona outside of the traditional lending options you might encounter at a bank. Through private investing or hard money lenders, you can get started with flipping houses and getting the loans you need to flip houses much faster than you ever would be able to at the bank.

If you’ve been letting your credit score get in the way of your dreams to start flipping houses with Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona, the time is now to get in touch with a hard money lender or private investor about lending opportunities near you. With flipping houses, you can begin to build an income remotely and have more chances to get back to the activities you enjoy. If you know how to send and receive emails or make phone calls, there’s a good chance that you can succeed with flipping houses if you have the right financial tools. With Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona, the investment opportunities are endless, and you can finally get started with flipping properties for resell.

Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona are the New Way to Make Money in Real Estate

Regardless of your current financial status or good credit score, you can still potentially be eligible for receiving Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona. With hard money lenders or private investors, the property you are flipping is often used as collateral rather than an initial down payment. This means that you will have the finances available to purchase investment properties and get started with flipping them as soon as possible.

With the right lending opportunity, your loan can even cover manual labor costs which means you can begin flipping properties without being a general contractor yourself.

Stop making excuses for yourself and get started with investing in properties today with Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona. With the right money at your disposable and the right game plan, you can start making real money on the real estate market.

How to Obtain Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona Like They do on HGTV

Flipping houses seems so easy on TV—but is it? Read more to learn how to obtain loans and establish strong financial foundation to flip houses just like they do on HGTV.

There are many types of Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona available for people interested in investing in a property. Arizona Hard Money Loans are great for people immediately interested in making a bid on a piece of real estate. The speed at which one can be obtained is much speedier than one given from a traditional lender such as a bank because these lenders have a greater acceptance rate. In this case, the approval process may be easier because things like income history and credit score aren’t considered as heavily. The value of the property is what is most important in this case. The speed and approval process is accompanied by a higher investment rate and a shorter pay period. If this isn’t right for you, other options are available.

Depending on your situation, a bridge loan may be ideal when dealing with two transactions. A bridge loan will allow you to purchase a home for flip, without the stipulation that your initial property must sell first. Like Arizona Hard Money Loans, they are short term and have higher rates. Also like Arizona Hard Money Loans, the focus is less on credit score and more about the value of the property.

Cash-out refinancing and home equity line of credit are other options for those looking for Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona. Refinancing will allow you to utilize some of your home’s equity. Obtaining this kind of loan will replace the current mortgage you owe on your house, for a new one with the cash you are wishing to take out to flip a home. Doing this will require a good credit score and debt-to-income ratio, and while you may save some money on interest, you will have to pay closing costs. Your mortgage rate will ultimately determine if this loan would be worth it over a period of time. Home equity line of credit is an option that would allow you to use your home as a second mortgage.

Asking for Loans Personally

With small interest rates and a minimum credit score of 650, personal loans can be great options for people who only need to borrow a small amount. Personal loans can also be combined with other types of loans, and are approved for just about any personal use. Arizona Hard Money Loans are options through private lenders with a speedy process and easy acceptance, but higher interest rates if a public lender like a bank rejects your proposal. Another way to personally ask for loans is quite personally. Depending on who you know, friends and family may be willing to lend you some money for your fixer upper, and, in this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to source funds from crowds. Across sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, people fundraise for all kinds of various reasons. If obtaining a loan from the bank is uneasy, these are three alternative routes.

Expectations of a Successful Flip

If you are in need of Loans to Flip Houses in Arizona, it is important to consider all of your options. A successful house flip will refer not only to the final product, but the use of money and time that was put into it. For a successful flip like those seen on TV, consider the benefits of each loan type so that you can make a successful flip.



Everything you need to know about getting loans to flip houses in Arizona

When it's done right, flipping a house is a great way to turn a quick profit and keep yourself out of the dull 9-5 office routine. Of course, most flippers need to procure funds quickly so they can jump on hot properties in a competitive market. Here's how.

At 207,000, 2017 saw the most houses flipped in over a decade. And, with the average return on investment sitting at 49.8%, it's pretty clear that fixing-and-flipping is as hot as ever. This is especially true with high-end housing. Flipped houses valued between $1 million and $2 million shot up by 42%, while those priced between $2 million and $5 million dollars exploded by more than 350%.

So how do you get loans to flip houses in Arizona? You can go through a bank or broker, but there are some drawbacks to this method. Yes, it's the tried and true way to do it, but getting a bank loan means having a respectable credit score, a healthy balance in the bank, and verifiable income. It also means having your finances scrutinized ad nauseam, which can often take a month or more.

Hard money loans for flipping houses

Another way to do it is to go through a hard money lender. Hard money lenders aren't as worried about how good your credit score is, how much you've got in your bank account, or how much money you've got coming in on a weekly basis. Instead, they're concerned with collateral. If you have assets to put up, you can sit down with a hard money lender, talk about your plans, and conceivably have the funds within 15 days. That flexibility and speed can be the difference you need to get a leg up on the competition in your market.

Is a hard money loan right for your situation?

Hard money loans to flip houses in Arizona are typically fast and simple if you have assets to put up as collateral. However, they also come with higher interest rates than a traditional bank loan and are usually due within one to five years. That means they're great for people who are experienced flippers; ones who have a better idea of what kind of profit can be made and how fast. They also may work for novices who have hired a seasoned contractor. If you fall into one of those categories and you're interested in getting a loan to flip houses, you may want to sit down with a hard money lender.