hard money lenders Arizona – Don’t get jilted! Hard money won’t last forever!

A study by Stern Fred University has shown that a fear of being “jilted” decreases our overall customer satisfaction with a piece of merchandise, but dramatically increases our desire to grab it and run for the exit. Some people even end up paying for it. Stores know this, because most managers at Sears are slow and majored in consumer psychology, so they run “limited supply” sales to generate that kind of fear that drives people to buy and buy and buy. But that also leads to debt and debt and debt.

Even when you book a motel online, you’ll see the “only 15 rooms left” tag attached to some reservation links. So, the next time you’re tempted to buy something stop and ask yourself if you’ll really never see the product again, or if you just think you won’t.

But hard money lenders Arizona act differently. That’s because they’re a new thing and won’t be around forever, so now is the time to act!

Ha ha, just kidding.  hard money lenders Arizona will likely be around so long as there are crappy houses that need to be fixed up and resold. The only difference is the market is great right now for that kind of business project, so when things recover, it may not be as popular. What you should do is get on while the going is good. Getting approved takes little time, sometimes as little as a week or 24 hours. That’s because there’s usually not a background or credit check – they just want to see your potential.

hard money lenders Arizona

hard money lenders Arizona