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Flexible Terms From 3 to 60 Months*

Fixed Rate From 5.99%*

Commercial/Construction Loans

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Just Funded Hard Money Loans

Cash Out
Loan Amount $320,000
12% - Closed in 3 days
Austin TX


Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $560,000
Home Value $999,450
LTV 56% Mesa, AZ


Fix&Flip Mortgage
Loan Amount $90,000
Home Value $247,000
LTV 36% San Tan Valley, CA

Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $3,000,000 @9%
Home Value $4,850,000
LTV 61% Beverly Hills CA


Apartment Purchase
Loan Amount $650,000
Value $1,250,000
LTV 52% Phoenix, AZ


Construction Financing
Loan  $185,000 @ 9.5% 24 Months
Home Value $275,000
Prescott Valley AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $300,000
8.25% 60 Months
Sedona AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $450,000
8.0% 60 Months
Scottsdale AZ


Rental 2nd Mortgage
Loan Amount $42,000
18.9% 12 Months
Avodale, AZ

Fix/Flip and Construction Funding


November 10, 2020

How To Apply (& Get Accepted) For Real Estate Loans

The first step in buying your dream home is learning about the ins and outs of real estate loans.  A real estate loan, which is also referred to […]
January 9, 2024

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Top Secrets of Using Arizona Hard Money Lenders Revealed

Many people are taking advantage of Arizona hard money lending opportunities to get started with investing in real estate. Learn the secrets you need to know about Arizona Hard Money Lenders to start making real money in the real estate market.

Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate properties or fix and flip a house but never had the funding to do so? If you have always wanted to get started making money in real estate, there may be a number of issues or misconceptions holding you back. One common excuse is that you simply do not have time to invest in the real estate market. This does not need to be true! If you have enough time to pick up the phone or send an email, you have enough time to start making real money with investing in properties!

Another common excuse or factor holding people back from investing in real estate properties is that the funding just isn’t there. You may not currently have the additional funds required to purchase a property or invest in real estate. If this sounds like you, I’d like to let you in on the secret people are tapping into to start making money in the real estate market. This secret is Arizona Hard Money Lenders!

A hard money lender can give you the financial freedom to actually start pursuing investing in real estate properties or flipping homes. Arizona Hard Money Lenders don’t give loans the same way lenders or brokers that work at a bank do. Instead of looking at credit score, Arizona Hard Money Lenders take other factors into account in order to determine a person’s eligibility for a loan. This is great news for people who are new to investing in real estate or for people who do not currently have the funding needed to start making money with investing in properties. A hard money loan can help you cover the initial investment of purchasing a property or flipping home with a minimal down payment and no good credit score required. The time is now to stop making excuses about your investment goals and to instead jump into the real estate market with the assistance of Arizona Hard Money Loans. There are plenty of Arizona Hard Money Lenders available who are excited to help you get started making money in real estate.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders are Helping Dreams Come True

No time? No credit? No problem! With a smartphone, laptop, and the right motivation, you can start making money on the real estate market. The right hard money loan can give you the initial funding you need to get started with investing in properties.

The real estate market is thriving and there is plenty of wealth to go around if you know how to use the market to your advantage or learn how to invest in the right tools to help you achieve your goals!

With the right resources to get you there, a real career in real estate investing is right around the corner. Find the right hard money lender for your needs to help you start making money!

Why the Expense of Arizona Hard Money Lenders Can Be Worth It

While a hard money loan can be more expensive than a traditional loan, the speed, flexibility and approval process can make the expense worth it. Learn more about the pros and cons of hard money loans and determine if it’s the right option for you.

A hard money loan is one funded by a private investor. Unlike traditional lenders, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are not concerned with an individual’s credit. Because of this, they are more likely to work with an individual rather than a bank or credit union who will reject appeals based on financial situations.

When lenders fund investments, they are focused on the property’s collateral. This means that they will be willing to lend the value of the property. Lenders, however, have higher interest rates that may range between 10 and 15 percent. If the desired property needs excess work, the interest rate of hard money loans may make them seem unreasonable. However, if the property is good and you are in a state to be able to repay the loan, speed, flexibility and approval are a few benefits that may outweigh the costs of interest.

Benefits of Borrowing from Untraditional Lenders

Typically, the process of receiving a loan is much faster when done with an untraditional lender. Oftentimes, this process can begin within the week or, sometimes, the same day. A traditional lender may take as long as a month or more. Speed for the borrower may be important if bids for obtaining property are competitive and it is necessary to act fast.

Flexibility is another selling point. Unlike traditional lenders, Money Lenders Arizona Hard work on an individual basis. Limitations imposed by banks and other traditional lenders are not as strict working with someone in this type of relationship. This means less concern over credit score and income history. Using an alternative lender leads to a more individualized process and more flexibility when considering finance history, and in general the approval rate is much higher. However, even with a higher acceptance rate, it is important to consider all terms within the process to know if it is really the best option for your situation.

How to Know if Alternative Options Are Right for You

Hard money loans are commonly borrowed for fixer uppers, by competing real estate agents, and to prevent foreclosure. While speed has its benefit in these scenarios, it also works in the reverse. Arizona Hard Money Lenders offer a shorter repayment period than traditional lenders. Coupled with the higher investment expense, it’s important to consider how quickly you will be able to repay the loan and develop a plan that will allow you to repay in the allotted time period.

Seeking an investor who offers hard money loans means looking in your area for real estate investors or real estate investor groups. Even conventional mortgage brokers may provide you with further information in seeking out someone who is right for you in your situation. While the expense may be intimidating at first, beginning a relationship with an untraditional lender may provide more benefits at second glance.

The ins and outs of Arizona Hard Money Lending

What exactly is Arizona hard money lending? Does it differ from what you can get at a bank? Here are the answers you'll need to move forward in your search for funding.

If you're interested in investing in real estate, you've probably come across the term "hard money lending." But what exactly is it and how is it different from just going to a bank and getting approved for a loan? Hard money loans and loans from banks differ in a range of ways, from how you qualify for them to how much you can borrow and how fast your funds will come through.

Getting a traditional bank loan can be an arduous process. You'll have to prove that you have a healthy income, a good financial situation, and an almost unblemished credit report. On top of that, the bank will dig into your past to determine if you're worthy of receiving funding. All of this paperwork and digging can be time-consuming, too; and time is a valuable commodity in the real estate investment world.

How hard money loans differ from bank loans

Unlike a common bank loan, hard money lending is asset-based. This means the typical hard money lender is more concerned with collateral than your credit score, income, or financial standing. The collateral provides security — if the borrower is unable to pay, the collateral can be used instead. Because your life doesn't have to be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb and there's no complex underwriting involved, hard money loans can go through much quicker. Even better, they can be secured by people with less-than-perfect credit (and even those dealing with bankruptcy).

How to know if a hard money loan is right for you

A hard money loan may not be right for everyone. They generally come at a higher interest rate than a bank loan and the terms are usually shorter; anywhere from one year to five years. Hard money may be the perfect fit for other investors, however. This includes people who don't have ideal credit, people who need to move quickly on a property, and people who have assets that will cover the loan should they not be able to pay it back. To put it succinctly, hard money loans are perfect for investors who want to purchase, improve, renovate, and construct with the idea of turning a relatively quick profit.