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Just Funded Hard Money Loans

Cash Out
Loan Amount $320,000
12% - Closed in 3 days
Austin TX


Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $560,000
Home Value $999,450
LTV 56% Mesa, AZ


Fix&Flip Mortgage
Loan Amount $90,000
Home Value $247,000
LTV 36% San Tan Valley, CA

Cash Out Mortgage
Loan Amount $3,000,000 @9%
Home Value $4,850,000
LTV 61% Beverly Hills CA


Apartment Purchase
Loan Amount $650,000
Value $1,250,000
LTV 52% Phoenix, AZ


Construction Financing
Loan  $185,000 @ 9.5% 24 Months
Home Value $275,000
Prescott Valley AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $300,000
8.25% 60 Months
Sedona AZ


Rental Purchase
Loan Amount $450,000
8.0% 60 Months
Scottsdale AZ


Rental 2nd Mortgage
Loan Amount $42,000
18.9% 12 Months
Avodale, AZ

Fix/Flip and Construction Funding


November 10, 2020

How To Apply (& Get Accepted) For Real Estate Loans

The first step in buying your dream home is learning about the ins and outs of real estate loans.  A real estate loan, which is also referred to […]
January 9, 2024

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Learn how Arizona Spec Home Investors are making money with real estate investing and how to get started with doing the same.

Purchasing or constructing a property often requires additional funding or real estate financing. This large sum of funding can sometimes be a challenge to receive from traditional lenders, such as brokers that work in a traditional bank setting. One solution is finding a spec home investor to help you achieve your goals. This type of private investor can help you by providing some or all of the funding required for you to achieve your goals of getting started with real estate investing. This type of investor works behind the scenes giving you the additional funding and support you need to achieve your investment goals. Just because these individuals work behind the scenes, doesn’t mean they don’t plan a key role in helping people get started with achieving their dreams of pursuing real estate investing.

Banks are decreasing their mortgage lending activities for a number of different reasons due to the various financial risks involved. Because of this, it can be more challenging than ever to receive a lending opportunity with a bank. This means that if you are hoping to pursue other real estate investing opportunities, you may need to consider different options. Arizona Spec Home Investors can be the perfect resource you need to have the additional cash on hand to invest in real estate. These sorts of arrangements require certain legal requirements and proceedings to be done properly. In order to make sure your investing opportunities are done properly, it is important to find the right private investor to help you achieve your goals. It is crucial to find an experienced investor that has the experience and resources needed to give the best financial guidance possible. If you are new to investing, it may be important to wait carefully for the right private money lender for your needs.

Arizona Spec Home Investors Know How to Make Real Money in Real Estate

There is no better time than right now with this thriving economy to get started with real estate investing. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of investment opportunities at a traditional bank. Instead, broaden your horizons and consider the great opportunities Private Money Lenders Arizona can provide. Arizona Spec Home Investors know all the secrets of the trade and can be a great resource to help you get started with real estate investing. By learning from the experts, you can start investing like the experts.

Find lending opportunities for your financial goals and get started with real estate investing to start building a valuable investment portfolio as soon as possible.

A poor credit score or lack of experience can sometimes make investing in real estate feel impossible. This is simply not the case! With the right tools and private money lending opportunities used properly, you can have access to the adequate funding needed to start making money with real estate investing. Learn the tools and tricks of the experts and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use the experts as your guide to learn the right way to go about investing.

4 secrets Arizona spec home investors use to make money


Speculative building is a hot topic these days. But what exactly is it and what are some secrets the pros use to make money?

First, for the uninitiated, let's look at what spec building is. Arizona Spec home investing involves building a single-family or multi-family property without having a buyer lined up already. It can be risky — spec builders build without knowing for sure if they'll be able to find buyers and turn a profit, partly because they're at the mercy of the market and a wealth of other factors.

That risk can really pay off, though. Spec housing development doesn't have as much competition as, say, flipping. Also, instead of the surprises that most flippers have in store (termite damage, mold, etc) you're able to start with a clean slate.

Mitigating the risk of Arizona spec building

Thankfully, there are some ways to mitigate the risk. Here are four secrets the experts say will help you do just that:

  1. Check, double check and then check again. The numbers don't lie: in most spec building projects, much of the profit will come from the lot acquisition. So double and triple check that the lot is a good deal.
  2. Know the market backward and forward. If you're considering getting into the spec building game, research may be your most valuable ally. Learn the area's absorption rate (properties sold vs. properties listed). Learn the employment factors for the region. Learn what homes are selling for and how long they're taking to sell. Learn about your competition. Essentially, learn everything you can before taking the plunge.
  3. Choose wisely. Becoming a wise spec home investor means choosing your allies carefully. Shop contractors carefully and ensure you've got one you can trust and one who has a long track record of building quality properties.
  4. Get the right funding. You don't have to use your own money to get into the business. In fact, if you find an unbeatable deal and have your ducks in a row, you wouldn't want to miss out on it because you don't have the funds. And don't think that less-than-ideal credit or past problems mean you can't get funding.

Getting funding for spec home investing

As we mentioned above, having bad credit, a poor history, or low funds won't necessarily prevent you from getting a loan for Arizona spec home investing. A bank loan? Perhaps. But hard money lenders use collateral rather than credit scores and bank account numbers to determine eligibility, so it's all within your reach!