Simplifying Hard Money Mortgages in Arizona

Is Arizona Hard Money Really “Hard”?
June 28, 2013
What should you know about Arizona hard money Mortgages?
June 28, 2013

Simplifying Hard Money Mortgages in Arizona

Money lending is a difficult business to really understand. Have you been trying desperately to understand all the jargon being used around you when you try to figure out money lending? We are here to help. We understand that money talk is difficult and it can be hard to understand and that can leave you feeling not only confused but upset and overwrought. Here’s what hard money lenders in Arizona are all about.
Hard money lending is a unique process because it is real estate backed instead of being
Hard Money Mortgage
Hard Money Mortgages Arizona
based on your income or financial past, so it doesn’t matter what your credit looks like to a hard money lender in Arizona, that makes no difference. Usually, these Mortgages are short term and tend to range anywhere from six to thirty-six months. A majority of the Mortgages end up being even less time than that.
Usually, hard money lenders in Arizona is a Mortgage only for property or real estate investments. That might sound a little limiting to you, but it actually is not. Hard money Mortgages can be used for the purchase of your dream home, for an investment in a “fix and flip” project, or for a residential property investment. These are funded relatively easily and quickly as well. That means that you can get your money and get on with life in a timely manner.

How to snag that Hard Money Lenders in Arizona

The hard money lenders in Arizona want you to succeed. Just know that with any money lending institution, you need to be careful. You can’t trust anyone so you need to make sure you do all your research and have all your finances in order. You can’t trust just anyone. Know what you are getting yourself into by knowing the estimated value of the purchase you want to make and come up with a ball park figure of what amount of money you think will be lent to you. Do not ask for more money than you actually need. That would be a huge mistake.

Also remember that hard money lenders in Arizona are going to charge you a bit more interest than a regular Mortgage, but keep in mind that a hard money Mortgage is a significant risk on their part because they are lending to you without pay stubs, tax information, or any knowledge of your financial past.

If you feel that you may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage Mortgage, maybe it is time to look into hard money Mortgages.

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