Arizona Hard Money
Arizona hard money
2012 was a successful and busy year for this industry; careers were being fueled by historically low interest rates and consumers refinancing their mortgages. We can say without a doubt that the majority of national production was derived from refinance business, but the future also looks bright. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the housing market is finally growing. 2013 has continued to be a good year for our industry, but remember that this sort of good ‘luck’ takes work. This isn’t all happening by magic. So bottom line? Don’t get too comfortable and don’t get too lazy.
Make sure that you continue to be prepared in case people fall short of expectations and drop the ball. Don’t get left in the dark and don’t get left grasping for straws as you try not to drown if things go bad.
Getting caught off guard in the housing market can be a terrible thing. So work hard on prospection and marketing for yourself while also staying well informed on the industry and regulatory changes, such as by reading this blog, as this will allow you the tools necessary for finding your way out of the dark, should you have to. Don’t get caught in a problem that could have been avoided.
So while housing numbers are looking better and rates are still low low low low low, and thankfully, likely to remain that way for a while, you still need to building a marketing and prospecting plan to target people looking to buy a new home in your local market. Like we said, do not get too comfortable. Always keep moving. Always be sustainable. And always be ready to roll with the punches in these markets, because you never know when there will be a dip or when we will thrive.

Arizona Hard Money

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