Three Little-Known Facts About Arizona Hard Money Mortgages

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August 11, 2013
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August 11, 2013

Three Little-Known Facts About Arizona Hard Money Mortgages

arizona hard money

Arizona Hard Money

The economy made everyone a little worried about your credit, but if you think your credit needs to be better before you ask for a traditional bank Mortgage so you can flip that house you had your eye on, then you are not alone. That’s why Arizona hard money Mortgages made by private money lenders Arizona are among the best ways to get started flipping that house today, even when you don’t have the credit you once had. With Arizona Hard Money Mortgages, you actually don’t need to have the credit. Take a look at this three facts you might not have known about private money lenders Arizona. 

  1. Like we said above, with private money lenders Arizona, don’t worry about your credit score. Your lender sure isn’t! Instead of worrying about your credit score, start worrying about what you’re going to do with the house you want to flip! Really, lenders are more concerned about the property you are borrowing against and whether or not you are going to repay the Mortgage, but they judge that based on character. This Mortgage really has nothing to do with your FICO score, so stop worrying about it.
  2. You have to be realistic with private money lenders Arizona. Why? Because this is a Mortgage, not a gift. Really be honest about how long you think your home renovation project is going to take and be up front with your lender. For example, do not say you will only take a month if you know in your heart it will take three. That would be bad. Give yourself enough time to pay the Mortgage off. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for an extension on your Arizona hard money Mortgage if you need it.
  3. One last tip is that private money lenders Arizona Mortgages really aren’t as expensive as you think they are. This is especially true if you can make your turn around time on your home investment quickly.
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