Which Arizona Mortgage Broker Is Right for Me?

Is My Situation Right for Using an Arizona Mortgage Broker?
April 15, 2014
How are Arizona Mortgage Brokers Qualified?
April 15, 2014

Which Arizona Mortgage Broker Is Right for Me?

Finding an Arizona mortgage broker can be a daunting task. There are a lot of dishonest

Arizona Home Mortgage

Arizona Mortgage Broker Home Mortgage

people out there and how can you trust anyone you find over the internet? Before you do something you’ll regret, stop flipping through those yellow pages and do your research! Your Arizona mortgage broker is, essentially, going to determine a big part of your future. Don’t trust just anyone with this task. While most of the home Mortgage application and process is solely based on you and your situation, you still need to find someone you can trust who will represent you honestly and positively.

What attributes do I look for in an Arizona Mortgage Broker?

You need to find an Arizona Mortgage Broker who treats you like a person and not a paycheck. Develop a relationship with them—you will be working with them for a long time until the Mortgage process is complete. Don’t just choose the first one who comes up on the internet. Here are a few attributes to look for:

-Honesty. Obviously. But do your homework! Ask friends and neighbors for referrals, go with your gut, don’t let them fool you. Some of them will inevitably try. Make sure there are no “elephants in the room,” and if you feel uneasy about them, move onto the next one.

-Integrity. Don’t lie to them and don’t let them lie to you. Be honest if you have poor credit history or a shady financial past. It doesn’t ruin you, but dishonesty will bring you down. Arizona mortgage brokers are on your side…tell them everything and don’t let them jerk you around.

-License! They have to have a license. Don’t work with anyone who doesn’t. Each state has their own laws regarding real estate, so check with your state and make sure your broker matches up. If you’re suspicious, ask for proof of their license and qualifications.

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