How to Catch a Great Deal on an Arizona Mortgage with Bad Credit

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March 27, 2015
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March 31, 2015

How to Catch a Great Deal on an Arizona Mortgage with Bad Credit

When we look around where we are currently staying, we are always wishing to be able to move in a great place with breathtaking outdoor views and local quality cuisine. Some of these places can be found in Arizona and this is a great place to raise a family, but how can anyone do that if they have a bad credit rating? How can you give your family a home in a place they have always dreamt of? Do not fret because you can always apply for an Arizona mortgage with bad credit. A bad credit loan allows individuals to find a mortgage even with their bad credit rating. Although interested borrowers will need patience and perseverance, due to the difficultly in finding a mortgage if you have a bad credit record. However, there are some steps you can use to increase you chance of being approved for an Arizona mortgage with bad credit.
  • File an application to lenders who are not very particular with credit scoring. This is because most lenders use a computer-based system that is called credit scoring, to assess home loan applications. The data they collect from the application is given a rating. If the computer shows a score with bad risks, the application is automatically declined before an actual person has a chance to hear the loaner’s story. If you apply to a lender who does not use credit scoring, a real person assesses the application and any past reasons for having a bad credit. This person will then evaluate the loaner’s personal situation, which will be used in the decision-making process.
  • Avoid mortgage insurances because if you apply for a home loan, you will be required to pass two approvals. The first one is from the lender and the other one is from the mortgage insurer who protects the lender in case you fail to pay the loan.
  • Seek professional advice regarding your credit report. There are a number of credit repair specialists or agencies that can help clean up your credit report. Speak to them or to a solicitor if there are any possibilities of removing bad entries on your credit report.
  • Do not shop for too many lenders. It is a must that you do not apply to lots of lenders when you search for a home loan. This is because each time you turn in an application, it is recorded on your credit report. If any lenders happen to reject your application, it will make a big impact on your credit report.
  • Apply for an FHA-insured loan provided by an FHA-approved lender. Because it is government-guaranteed, they allow lenders to serve clients who are considered “high-risk” because of an undesirable credit report. The FHA does not follow strict guidelines used by conventional lenders. 

They also require a smaller down payment compared to conventional loans. The funds can also be borrowed or be given as a gift by a relative or a non-profit financing agency.
These steps can help individuals planning to catch a deal with an Arizona mortgage with bad credit. After being approved for a loan, you should work hard to prove to a lender that your bad credit is just a part of your past and in addition, you will try really hard to avoid coming across the same problems in the future. At Level 4 Funding, we believe that taking these steps to apply for a loan is worth it if you are looking for a home in Arizona. Call us today at 623-582-4444.

Stuck Applying for Arizona Bad credit home loans? We got you covered!

                The majority of us are not happy with our way of living and the place we are staying. But no matter how hard we try, we cannot easily transfer from one location to another. We are content to stay where we are because it will mean that another loan application must be made. This is easy for those who have a good credit rating but those who have a bad credit rating, may find it hard to look for their dream home environment. However there is a solution, which is to look for Arizona bad credit home loans. These types of loans allow borrowers to obtain a home loan within their tastes, even with bad credit history.
With a bad credit home mortgage, it seems as though individuals who want to purchase a new Arizona home have hit the jackpot. Because Arizona is a dream place for nearly all Americans with its beautiful weather conditions, breathtaking natural views and delicious food, they could not ask for more. If prospective buyers are still having a hard time with the application process, here are some suggestions to use for worry free Arizona bad credit home loans.
  • Check credit reports  Because all Americans are entitled to have a free yearly credit report from the Federal Trade Commission, borrowers just need to ensure that their report is accurate before they can pass for a mortgage. If the FTC found any errors or inconsistency in the reports, they could report it to the credit company and provide them with documentation to support their plea.
  • Expect to pay more interest Because of a borrower’s bad credit report, they should expect to pay more for their mortgage. Borrowers need to prepare to pay for a higher interest rate or an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) with a changing interest rate
  • Eliminate other debt Due to a high debt to income ratio, prospective borrowers will have a hard time to achieving a proper mortgage. All credit balances should be paid off so that new buyers can be approved for a home loan.
  • Demonstrate a stable income New homebuyers need to prove to their lender that their bad credit rating is a thing of the past. Also it is wise to reinstate how you have changed the ways you handle your loans. Borrowers should guarantee lenders that their job is stable and they are able to make timely payments.
  • Write down explanations regarding the negative items There are times where it is best to explain to lenders the reason behind problems in paying bills. It is best to do explain problems before applying for an application. Additionally, a good reason to do this is so lenders will have an understanding that borrowers problems are in the past, which may result in an approved loan application.
  • Consider government programs They are loans guaranteed by the federal government, which likely will have flexible credit requirements. This is perfect for individuals with bad credit ratings.
  • Immediately look for a cosigner New homebuyers could ask family members to cosign for them, which might help them qualify for a mortgage despite bad credit. Borrowers just need to keep in mind that if they fail to pay their debt, their cosigner is the one who will shoulder the remaining payments.

For those who are considering Arizona bad credit home loans, do not think twice because Arizona is a great place for building and raising a family. Dennis Dahlberg is indeed a well-known family man and knowledge loan professional. Give him a call today at 623-582-4444 to learn more about a bad credit loans and how you can get approved.

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