Why Are Subprime Mortgages Making a Comeback? Your Guide to Subprime Lending

Texas Home Mortgages for Bad Credit: Why Subprime Lending is Making a Comeback
September 14, 2015
Texas Mortgages for Bad Credit: How to Buy a House
September 14, 2015

Sub Prime Mortgages are back (they really never went away).  But what is a Sub Prime Mortgage?

It’s a home mortgage loan for borrowers who have a credit issue
giving them a low credit score.
Typically a credit score below 550.
Bad credit sub prime mortgages are easier to qualify, since the lender is focusing
more on the asset value and loan to value rations.  They lenders are more flexible in the lending
Bad credit mortgage loans have higher interest rates and higher
down payments than regular mortgage loans. Typical rates as of today start at 8% with a
30% down payment. 
If mortgage is for an owner occupied home, then the lender will
have to determine if the borrower can afford the payment on the loan.  This is called Debt to Income Ratio, or
DTI.  The ratios are typically 35/50%.
In the mortgage world, there is a loan for
It just depends on down payment and interest
However there are some items that will stop a deal dead in its
tracks, even for a Bad Credit Mortgage.  Typically
the lender will not loan if the borrower has outstanding judgments, IRS Tax Liens,
or is involved in a law suit or criminal charges.
Most people prefer to use a bad credit mortgage loan simply to
get into a home and help rebuild credit.
Bad credit (or sub prime) mortgage loans are specialized mortgage
loans designed for borrowers with credit issues. Bad credit mortgage tend to
have higher interest rates and higher down payment requirements than regular
mortgage loans. The higher interest rates mean that bad credit mortgage loans
also tend to have higher monthly payments than regular mortgage loans. However, there are many options that you may qualify for so call Level 4 Funding today to make your dreams a reality. 

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