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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Texas Hard Money Loan
November 4, 2015
Texas Hard Money Loans are Within Your Reach!
November 5, 2015


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Texas Hard Money

Bank loans can be frustrating and take forever to get your hands on. By this point, we’ve all seen that. Have you considered a Texas Hard money loan? If you are working on a fix and flip investment property, maybe it is time that you do.
Your Texas hard money loan will come to you so much faster than a traditional bank loan; just get the property appraised and sign the papers and you’ll be ready to start your project in no time. You also don’t have to worry about your credit when it comes to a Texas hard money loan. Why? Because hard money loans are actually based on the value of the property you are wanting to flip, renovate, or fix up. Never your credit. In fact, you don’t have to worry about your credit at all with a Texas hard money loan.  
One important fact to keep in mind, is that hard money loans have higher interest rates. They are a greater risk for the lender because they are short term, high risk, high reward loans. However, while an Texas hard money  loan happens to be more expensive than your traditional loan, the flip side of that is that you get your loan really fast. You can start almost as quickly as you begin the paperwork. Also, hard money loans are designed to help you fix up and flip a property quickly so the higher interest is usually negligible because you are paying off the loan quickly.
Your Texas hard money loan should be able to take some stress off of you. They are definitely better and less stressful than your traditional bank loans, especially since the economy hasn’t really been superb for people’s finances lately. What do banks expect people to do?
Now with your Texas hard money loan, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Get the loan you need when you need it and start working right away.
No need to give the bank your entire financial history and no need to be embarrassed! You don’t have to be with a Texas hard money loan. Now you can have money in your hand almost instantly and a beautiful new home soon after from Level 4 Funding, a Texas hard money lender. 

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