3 Ways an Arizona Bridge Loan Can Lend a Helping Hand

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January 28, 2016
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February 2, 2016

3 Ways an Arizona Bridge Loan Can Lend a Helping Hand

If you find yourself in a situation where there is a gap between expected income and current expenses, an Arizona bridge loan  can help. Designed to be a short term loan, there are many ways that bridge loans can lend a helping hand when you find yourself in a financial bind. 

An Arizona bridge loan is a short term loan that is designed to “bridge” the gap between expected income and a current expense. Bridge loans are a little known loan type that can be very helpful in a variety of financial situations. Here are three ways that an Arizona bridge loan can help you.

1. You need a down payment. If you are selling a home while concurrently purchasing a new one, you are probably relying on the sale of your current home to finance your down payment. This makes it impossible to move before you home sells, even if you can qualify for both mortgages. You can use an Arizona bridge loan to borrow your down payment. You would use the equity in your current house (the one on the market) to secure you bridge loan. The loan would then be used as a down payment and paid back after your home sells. This allows you to move before your home sells.

2. You own a business and have an expense before expected income comes in. If you are waiting on a big check but have an immediate expense, a bridge loan can be a great short term option to pay debts you owe. Once your income materializes, you use it to pay back your bridge loan.

3. You are expecting a windfall but have expenses before it gets there. Whether it is an equity payment, lottery payment, or even an inheritance, a bridge loan can help you pay what you need to while you wait for it to come in. Once it does, you use the funds to repay the loan.

If you find yourself in a situation where you would benefit from an Arizona bridge loan, call a mortgage broker today!

We can help you with all of your bridge financing needs. Call our experienced loan officers to get started today!


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