No Money Down Arizona Fix and Flip Loans: Advice for New Investors

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November 26, 2018
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If you are new to be flipping business, you may have heard the prospect of no money down Arizona Fix and Flip Loans. You may be thinking “hmmm,  I can get into the flipping business without spending any of my own money, well sign me up!” 

You can use three methods to pay nothing out of pocket for your next flipping project, wholesaling, private money and hard money.

Let’s talk about wholesaling first. The Easiest way to explain the process is you sell the option to purchase the house to another investor. You don’t spend any money; you secure a purchase contract with a buyer  and before the date on the purchase contract comes around you sell off the option to purchase the home to another investor.

Wholesaling is not a good option for someone who is new to the rehab business.  A good wholesaler knows how to find the most attractive houses to flip, can compete with full cash offers to secure a bid and above all, they are in contact with a network of other real estate investors who are willing and eager to purchase their contracts.

As a new investor, it is doubtful you have any of these qualities. So what are your other no-money-down financing options?

Few new house flippers can qualify for no-money-down Arizona Fix and Flip Loans from private investors.

The situation with private money involves you seeking out a cash buyer to finance the full cost of your flipping project upfront. In this situation, you have to prove your value to an investor, and have an answer for him when he asks “why should I pay for the full cost of your project?” The investor needs believe that you can carry out the work,  and all he has to do is sit back and let the money roll in.

However, if you’re new to the flipping business, you don’t have the requisite demonstrable proven track record when it comes to rehabbing distressed properties. Given this lack of experience, you probably wont get an investor on board. What are your options when it comes to getting no money down financing, for your first flip?

Hard money can be a route for new investors to get no money down Arizona Fix and Flip Loans but carefully consider the risks.

If you have enough collateral on offer, even if you’re new to the flipping business you can still get a zero down hard money deal.

A hard money provider is a lender who offers you a loan based on the value of your collateral.  You need to find a hard money provider who is “creative,” when it comes to collateral. If you pledge enough of your assets, some hard money providers might not require you to make a down payment. To truly pay nothing out of pocket, you also need to find a lender who is willing to defer the payment of fees until your project resells. But, are you willing to pledge your primary residence,  401(k) or any other assets to avoid out of pocket expenses?

You need to consider this question carefully. If you are new to the flipping business, it might be better to make a steep down payment than to risk losing your house. The more experience you get with house flips, the more financing options you’ll have. You can get into wholesaling, partner with other investors and you’ll have a bit more confidence to get a no-money-down hard money loan.

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