4 Things to Consider Before You Take Out an Airbnb Loan
November 8, 2018
November 8, 2018

iStock_000002512608_LargeWhat exactly is an Arizona hard money lender? How are they different from a traditional bank loan? How can they help you?

You have heard the term, “Arizona hard money lender.” But, do you actually know what one is? Arizona hard money loans are asset-based loans. With this type of loan a borrower must have property that will secure the loan. A traditional bank loan can be a grueling, time consuming project; and you may have to wait a long period of time for approval. Also, with traditional bank loans, your credit is of utmost importance. There is no elaborate underwriting when it comes to these loans so developers find them useful for time-sensitive projects.

Arizona hard money loans are primarily used for short duration projects. These types of loans are typically used for purchasing real estate, improvements, renovations and construction. There are a variety of other reasons for these loans. Most reasons involve some type of improvement that will add value to a property.

Hard Money Lenders Approach

Arizona hard money lenders are more concerned with collateral; unlike traditional banks who routinely dig deep into a borrowers credit. The value of your collateral gives the lender security; it is more important than your financial situation. If you are unable to repay the lender they can take your collateral, sell it and get their money back. Lenders will lend the borrower as much as their property is worth based on the loan-to-value (LTV). The lender determines this by the ratio of the loan amount divided by the value of the property. These lenders are able to make much quicker decisions because they don’t have to investigate your entire financial life. The loan will be a much shorter duration than a traditional loan, usually lasting between 6 months and three years. Arizona hard money loans typically charge a higher interest rate than a traditional loan, ranging from 10% to 18%. Arizona hard money lenders are able to help many borrowers who don’t have perfect credit; they can also help borrowers who are having financial issues such as bankruptcy. As long as you have collateral that can be used as security, these lenders can work with you. Also, due to the absence of a complex underwriting, lenders can work with a borrower on repayment schedules. The flexibility of these asset-based loans can save many hungry borrowers.

Things to consider when deciding if a traditional bank loan or finding an Arizona hard money lender will work best for you.

Working with Arizona hard money lenders will benefit borrowers that are working on a short duration project, may not have perfect credit (or have some marks on their credit) or need quick financing and own assets that will cover their obligation in case they are unable to repay on time. These lenders can be found in organizations that specifically offer these loans. If a non-conforming loan will not work for your situation you may find the funding, you require through a Arizona hard money lender.

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