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February 4, 2019
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February 4, 2019


Commercial real estate loans are typically used to purchase or renovate an owner-occupied commercial property.

Income-producing property is called commercial real estate and is used for business versus residential. Malls, retail shops, hotels and office buildings are some examples of commercial real estate. The commercial real estate loan includes the financing of not only the property, but the development and construction of said property.

Commercial real estate loans can be financed through banks and private lending institutions. There are no FHA or VA programs when it comes to commercial lending—and there is also no private mortgage insurance. What this means to lenders is they have no insurance to cover default of the borrower.

Interest rates on Commercial Real Estate Loans in Arizona are higher than residential loans. And there are fees involved, such as loan origination, loan application and appraisal fees. Depending on the lender there can also be other fees involved—such as prepayment penalties and exit fees.


A hard money loan is a non-traditional bank loan. Texas Hard Money Lenders are private investors that do not have to follow the strict requirements of conventional mortgages. A hard money loan is an asset-based loan and is secured completely by the property’s equity.

Waiting on approval from a bank can be painful and time consuming—and much of the time can take months to receive funding. Here steps in the hard money lender. A borrower can be approved and funded in less than 10 days on a hard money commercial real estate loan. These are short-term loans and are usually only set up to last between 6 months and one year. However, because of the flexibility of Hard Money Loans in Arizona, they can be extended up to five years.

A borrower’s credit is of great importance to a traditional lender. But, because hard money loans are based on the equity of your property they can look past dents in your credit. While closing time is insanely long with a traditional lender—due to documentation, inspections and waiting on the loan committee, a hard money loan can close quickly because typically there are only a few individuals involved in the loan terms and it is their money they are lending.

The bottom line is that hard money loans are set up to be bridge loans. Bridge loans are “bridging” you from a temporary situation into a permanent situation.

These loans are interest only loans until the end of the loan term, in which the balance is repaid. The goal is to give the borrower time to get their ducks in a row and bridge themselves into a conventional mortgage. Texas Hard Money Lenders are there when the bank says, “no.” They are there when you need money quick. They are there when your credit has some issues. Texas Hard Money Lenders are there when you need them.

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