Running a Successful Apartment Complex: Our Best Tips

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Running a Successful Apartment Complex: Our Best Tips

If you’re planning to run an apartment complex, there are some things you should know. Keep reading to learn how to be the best landlord you can be with Arizona commercial real estate loans.

A lot goes into running an apartment complex. You have to keep your residents happy by making repairs and maintaining amenities, and somehow also profit. That’s a lot to think about.

Here are some of our best tips for creating the best apartment complex in your area:

Have useful amenities.

Pools, laundry rooms, gyms, and common rooms are all plusses for any apartment complex. Tenants want to know that their rent is going somewhere useful. And, being able to get these amenities within the cost of rent is appealing to potential renters. On this note, make sure you maintain your amenities well so you can show them off to potential tenants.

Use appealing architecture.

Frankly, people don’t want to move into somewhere unappealing. Make your apartments look as good on the outside as they do on the inside by choosing colors that match your complex’s theme. If your complex is targeted toward younger tenants, a modern pop of color on the exterior could bring in new tenants. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for older tenants, a calming color may be more applicable.

Communicate with your tenants.

Communication is key to any successful relationship. If you want to build good relationships with your tenants, make sure you have open lines of communication with them, whether that be giving them your phone number or sending out mass emails with important information. Do you have events at your complex? Send them out so people know about them. Is there the potential for a rent raise? Make sure you let your tenants know with plenty of notice. Respect them and they will be more likely to respect you.

Insist on respect as a business practice.

If you have people working at your complex such as receptionists or cleaning staff, make sure they respect your tenants. One of the most common complaints about apartment complexes is disrespectful staff. Having staff that respects your tenants will help them feel more comfortable and be more likely to leave you positive reviews.

Use digital payment methods.

In the age of the internet, it’s very helpful for tenants to be able to pay online. People are all about convenience, so making paying convenient for them will make them more likely to pay you on time.

Cover more than just water.

It’s appealing to potential renters when their landlords cover several amenities. Covering more amenities than just water will bring in more renters, so you’ll profit more in the long run.

Funding Your Complex with Arizona commercial real estate loans

Arizona commercial real estate loans can help you finance your apartment complex and they are available at many hard money lenders. Private lenders can offer you more LTV and better rates than banks, as well as get you your money faster. Choosing a private lender for your Arizona commercial real estate loans can help you fund your apartment complex without having to pay for it all immediately out of pocket.

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