Arizona Hard Money Lenders: could these less-than-traditional lenders be the answer to your funding problems?

Arizona Hard Money Loans: A Different Approach to Funding
March 28, 2019
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March 28, 2019

Arizona Hard Money Lenders: could these less-than-traditional lenders be the answer to your funding problems?

(All the ads—internet, paper and the current pain, robo calls—say they can solve your funding problems, no matter your past financial history, etc. Take the time and effort to find out if one of these could actually help you locate the money in order to make your current project into reality instead of words and drawings on paper.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders have come quite a distance from the time when they were termed as someone you did business only if you couldn’t get a deal from anyone else. It was said they were a dark shadow on the industry. Today it is very different—Arizona Hard Money Lenders rank alongside conventional mortgage lender sand banks, conducting business from a different angle with methods that make it somewhat easier for some individuals’ money needs.

Working from independent businesses or private investors, these lenders lay out a plan where the borrower gets their loan with security through real property value, that being something the customer already has possession of or is going to acquire in the near future. The borrower is required to provide a detailed business plan for the property they wish to buy as well as how they intend to repay the money they are asking for. The lender generally has the customer paying interest and a fraction of principle monthly with the remaining amount due at the end of payment period. Terms can be as short as one year or as long as five years.

What will you gain by working with a these type of lenders?

These lenders are set up to help out people who have or have had problems that keep their applications from being acceptable to traditional funding agencies whose requirements are more numerous and much stricter. Individuals who don’t have a company supplied income with a straight-line 9 to 5 job often find it hard to obtain a loan from a bank or mortgage company. If they have a foreclosure or loan modification in their financial history, this slows down the already long application process and sometimes makes it impossible for funding to be dispersed.

Any one of these things could knock your application out of the running, losing you all the time and effort put in already. Starting over will mean the same thing at other companies. This is when a hard money lender could be exactly what you need since they tend to emphasize whatever collateral you have and your ability to repay rather than a perfect credit report or your past income history. Occasionally a loan can be applied for, accepted and closed within as short a period as two weeks.

Research deeply and thoroughly to find out everything about these type lenders; compare both the positives and negatives—funds obtained via this route have a higher interest rate attached than conventional monies. Talk with both these lenders as well as the more well known ones and once you have all the needed information, make your appointments and go after what you have been dreaming of.

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