No Credit? No Problem for Arizona Hard Money Lenders

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No Credit? No Problem for Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Whether you have bad credit or no credit, Arizona Hard Money Lenders can look beyond that to see the potential for a great investment.

There’s a lot of talk about bad credit these days. When people fall on hard times it can be the only way to get by, but it comes back to haunt you if you are unable to pay it off in a timely manner.

But what about those who don’t have credit? There’s an especially satisfying feeling being able to make large purchases without putting it on your credit. People work and save to be able to do just that. However, not having credit can sometimes be a roadblock just like bad credit can be when it comes to home loans.

Here’s why traditional lenders don’t follow in the footsteps of Arizona Hard Money Lenders when it comes to credit requirements.

Why Credit Matters

Credit shows your ability to budget your money and pay off large purchases. Banks use this as a gauge for how you will treat their loan should they fund it. Having bad credit shows that you haven’t been responsible with money in the past and taints your ability to secure funding.

No credit means there’s no record of your money management at all. Unfortunately that’s the best way to prove to lenders that you can fulfill financial responsibilities. A clean slate, in this case, isn’t good.

While Arizona Hard Money Lenders can look beyond not having credit, it’s beneficial to have some sort of credit history because it is an important part of many life events like applying for a job or student loans. You can get a secure credit card to begin building your credit history and display your ability to manage your money wisely.

Bypass the Credit Requirements

If you’re looking to fund an investment and don’t have the savings to do so, speak with a Arizona Hard Money Lender to see what your options are. Level 4 Funding, for example, has a proven track record of funding loans for investors with no credit or bad credit, enabling them to make their investment dreams come true!

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