Owner Occupied Arizona Hard Money Loans: do the advantages overrule the requirements for a borrower?

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March 27, 2019
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Owner Occupied Arizona Hard Money Loans: do the advantages overrule the requirements for a borrower?

(Thinking of financing your latest project by using your current home as the collateral? Do some research into the area of owner occupied Arizona Hard Money Loans and learn the pros and cons of this route to funding your venture.)

While you are wracking your brain in order to find collateral that will satisfy the bank or whatever conventional lender you may have chosen, you may not realize that that you are literally sitting on what might be the best thing for you.

An owner occupied Arizona Hard Money Loan could be exactly what you need, but these loans have strict specifications set up through the Truth in Lending Act –indeed a lot of people think they are illegal. This is not true, but they are in a class by themselves being stricter than other hard-money related loans.

What kind of requirements do these loans have?

In California, the majority of this type funding must be earmarked for a business investment ranging from increasing your business itself to setting up an office for you to work from in your house. They cannot be for household, personal or family usage. Laws, however, vary from state to state.

Another requirement is that the borrower’s income must be verified through a third-party source.

If the loan ends up being defined as a ‘high-cost loan’, both hazard insurance and property taxes have to be paid in on the first year of the loan. This is termed an ‘impound’ and can only be cancelled by the borrower.

The borrower has to be given a full disclosure statement regarding all of the terms of the loan he/she is taking out. This process is the same as if the customer were dealing with a stand loan through a bank.

Requirements can be strict, but closing can be completed in less than two weeks. Poor credit, a recent foreclosure and/or a loan modification will not automatically keep you from receiving funding. Being self-employed is not the stumbling block it often is with bankers and other traditional lenders either.

These are not the only requirements that owner-occupied Arizona Hard Money Loans have attached to them, but are a short list of the basics and provide an outline of the structure of this type of funding.

Point: the strict requirements may put some people off, but a point worth noticing is loans that have closed through this process have been approved for customers whose credit score was lower than 600. Another positive area is that proof of income can be shown through methods other than the normal ones demanded. On the average, there are no prepayment fees when a customer pays off the loan before the required time period runs out.

Let your current home work for you in ways you never imagined. Investigate an owner-occupied Arizona Hard Money Loan option today!

Remember the Devil really is in the details. Do your homework, read the fine print and find out where you stand in regards to the requirements.

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