Pros and Cons of Arizona Hard Money Loans

The Basics of Arizona Hard Money Loans
March 19, 2019
What You Need to Know About Arizona Hard Money Loans
March 19, 2019

Pros and Cons of Arizona Hard Money Loans

(Even though it is often an expensive loan, there are many benefits of Arizona Hard Money Loans. But there can be a few drawbacks as well.)

There are many reasons that a borrower will begin to expand his or her search beyond the realm of traditional lenders. And for many borrowers, Arizona Hard Money Loans are an option that works for their special needs or with the credit challenges that they are facing. But before you decide that hard money is the way for you to go on your next loan, you should be well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of these asset-based loans.

Because hard money lenders focus on the value of the property being used as collateral, and less on the borrower’s personal credit, the time required to process a request for hard money is far shorter than a traditional bank loan. This speed is a definite benefit for borrowers who are hoping to invest in a bargain property that they have just discovered. In many cases, real estate investors will regularly work with a hard money lender and have a very strong relationship that provides greatly expedited funding on many loans. It is well worth the added cost of hard money when you know that you can have the money in just a few days rather than a few months.

Traditional lenders offer very limited terms to their borrowers. And because most banks are very large and have hundreds of thousands of customers, they are not willing to work with a borrower to customize the terms of his or her loan. But a private lender does not serve nearly as many loans so he or she must work with the borrowers to create mutually beneficial loan terms. This flexibility is a great benefit when you are looking for a very short term loan or need to structure the payments in a very specific manner.

Securing Arizona Hard Money Loans

Because the approval process is based on the value of the collateral property, borrowers with poor credit or no credit can often secure Arizona Hard Money Loans when traditional lenders reject their loan request. And even at a higher interest rate and with higher fees, hard money is a much better alternative than no loan. So consumers with bad credit are often eager to use these lenders.

Understanding the Drawbacks

Now that you know all of the benefits of hard money, it is important that you remember that the biggest drawback can be the cost of the loan. In some cases, the lender will charge up to 10% in interest and fees. And another negative aspect of these loans is that many borrowers will fail to read and understand the terms of the loan before signing the agreement. Even though you might think that all loan documents are alike, that is not the case. A private lender can include any clause that he or she chooses to add and you must follow the agreement if you have already signed the document. It can be very helpful to have a legal specialist review any loan agreement if you are not familiar with private loans.

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