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March 31, 2019
April 1, 2019


If you have tried to be approved by a bank, but keep getting denied—what can you do?

Are you ready to get out there and crush it in the real estate game? The first thing you must do is be approved for the financing of your project. Your creditworthiness may be enough for financing, but it may not be—and even if it is, will you be approved for as much as you need? Regardless, there are ways you can get financing no matter your situation.

First thing you need to know is not every bank is created equal. Banks have various lending programs. They will take your information and basically see what program they have that you may qualify for. The unfortunate part of this process is that it’s common to go through the pre approval process and then guess what? They will put a big, fat denial stamp on you. You may spend a lot of time bank hopping with hope in your heart only to get stamped with the big D once again.

The next logical step is to visit a broker. A lending broker will look at your situation and match you with a variety of banks and their programs. The problem is this will not be your primary residence. Banks aren’t comfortable lending on properties that will be rehabbed and sold—fix and flips. They also are hesitant when it comes to Arizona Construction Loans. So, where does that leave you now?


A hard money lender is literally a lender that is also an investor. That means they have money to loan you and on that money they expect a nice return. These are higher interest rate, short-term loans — usually between 6 months to 3 years.

These loans are asset based. That means the property you are purchasing is used as collateral. Unlike banks who focus on your credit score and your income, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are not overly concerned with your financial situation. They will look into your financial history. However, hard money underwriting is a much simpler process than that of a bank.

In fact, because of the simplistic process of underwriting borrowers can receive approvals much faster than when using a bank—typically between 24 and 48 hours. Funds are generally released in less than 2 weeks. Again, much faster than a bank. A conventional mortgage can take up to 90 days to close. This speedy process allows borrowers to capitalize on prime property without the worry of losing it to a cash buyer.

Conventional financing works for many situations—however, when an investor wants to be a game changer in the real estate business they need to have access to fast cash.

Using a hard money lender versus traditional financing has many benefits: quick access to cash, less concern of your financial state of affairs and building a personal relationship with you lender— one that can lead to lower interest rates on future endeavors.

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