What is a Arizona Fix and Flip Loan? Would this odd-sounding type of funding help you out?

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What is a Arizona Fix and Flip Loan? Would this odd-sounding type of funding help you out?

(Basically this kind of loan involves a buyer purchasing a home strictly to sell—flip, if you will—as soon as possible. Most of the properties bought are in need of renovation. Once done the house is put on the market and sold, hopefully, at a decent profit to the owner, who then can pay off their loan and still have money in-pocket.)

Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are short-term types and most customers seeking one invest with hard money permitting them to purchase, repair and sell the property over the next year. Since the property is technically appraised before and after a renovation is performed, it is better to deal with private investors and people you already know who can better gage your ability to finish the job once you get funding.

The process takes a lot less time than the conventional lenders who are compelled to go through your credit history with the proverbial fine-toothed comb. One negative item or hole –a foreclosure, for example—will stop the entire effort while they check you out more closely to see if this will adhere to the strict rules they have to work by. Very often you are defined as less than a good risk and back to where you began.

A regular loan looks at a home or other building’s present value, but these types are less expensive in terms of interest and fees than non-conventional loans. A standard funding setup generally requires very good credit while the private funders and groups look towards what you have accomplished in the past and what you are working on currently instead of a high credit score.

Getting funding may be difficult if you are a beginning investor—you may have to set up an escrow account, borrow against personal property or both. An interest rate can range from 10 to 20 percent yearly.

What are some advantages of Arizona Fix and Flip Loans?

These loans are not bound by a lot of the rules that traditional funders are restricted to, such as not lending money if a property has any real health or safety concerns.

The amount of time it takes to be approved and closure completed is another relief to most investors. The process can take less than two weeks if you end up with a professional company that knows how things work. They are, however, looking at the recovery end for themselves and want to be confident that you can fix the property defects correctly and sell as soon as possible, allowing them to get their money back. In order to assure this, liens are attached as a security measure.

Another positive note is that the longer an investor is in business and doing well the majority of the time, the less he or she will pay for a loan in the long run. Occasionally a borrower can receive 100 percent of money requested and have several projects in progress at once.

Do all the research necessary before taking on a Arizona Fix and Flip Loanknow all the disadvantages as well as the advantages. They are not the answer for everyone—if possible, borrowers need to be certain of performance as an investor is of repayment. It pays to have all the facts—take time to learn.

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