5 Reasons To Use Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders

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5 Reasons To Use Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders

Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders are not the solution for every borrower. But there are several situations when hard money is a great option.

Traditional loans are generally more cost-effective than hard money, but there are many reasons that borrowers are often eager to work with Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders. As you might expect, you get what you pay for in hard money just as you do in most cases. And getting a more customizable loan is often worth paying a little extra for. In addition, borrowers know that their personal credit history will not be an issue as Arizona Hard Money Loans are based on the value of the collateral.

Getting a commercial loan quickly is not going to happen if you are working with a bank or mortgage company. But Arizona Hard Money Loans can process much more quickly because the approval is based on the value of the commercial asset and not the creditworthiness of the borrower. So in many cases, a borrower will gladly pay the higher rates for the faster funding offered by. Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lender

Another reason borrower turn to Arizona Hard Money Lenders is that they have been declined by a traditional lender. This could be due to lack of documentation, the age of the business or even the debt load of the business. You could also have personal credit issues which reflect poorly on your business and have caused a bank to shy away from working with you. In these cases, borrowers have the option to use the commercial property as collateral and are happy to work with a hard money lender.

You Need A Unique Solution

Most traditional lenders are not very creative and will only fund a very specific type of loan. But if you are looking to use multiple properties as collateral or if you need a more creative loan solution, then Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders are the way to go. Not only can you be more creative with the collateral for the loan but you can also request specific loan terms such as the repayment schedule or even the term of the loan. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are very familiar with creative loan terms and are willing to work with borrowers when traditional banks are not.

Lack Of Citizenship

There are many businesses in the United States that are owned by foreign nationals. And while this is a great opportunity for the business owner, it makes it very difficult for him or her to secure a loan from a bank or a mortgage company. But working with an experienced hard money lender, borrowers don’t need to worry about not being a U.S. citizen. Again, the lender is interested in the value of the property being used as collateral and not the credit history of the borrower. So, a foreign borrower has very little to do with the approval or denial of a hard money loan. Understanding these five reasons to use commercial hard money can be a great help to any commercial borrower who is struggling to secure a loan from a traditional bank or a mortgage company.

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