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Why choose a hard money loan when conventional loan interest rates are lower? That’s a good question.

Hard money and Arizona Hard Money Lenders play a unique role in the real estate investing world. There are numerous benefits to working with a hard money lender.


When a borrower applies for a conventional loan the very first thing a lender does in run your credit history and check how many loans you have on your credit. If a borrower’s credit isn’t stellar and they have existing loans that typically puts a halt to the application process.

When a borrower applies for a hard money loan the priority does not weigh on the borrower’s credit score or the amount of active loans they have. Yes, a Arizona hard money lender generally does look at a borrower’s credit—however, a low FICO score is rarely a red light on the road to approval. Arizona Hard Money Lenders aren’t concerned by the borrower’s number of loans that are active—they are focused on the value of the property because that is the hard asset that backs the loan—that is the collateral.

Another major component to financing a project is renovation costs. Conventional lenders don’t typically finance renovations. Conventional loan underwriting is very rigid with many stipulations. On the other hand, a hard money lender will put out draws to finance the rehab of the property.

There are countless benefits to working with a Arizona Hard money lender.

The benefits of hard money lending is not only that the focus is shifted from a borrower’s financial situation to their assets and that they will use property as collateral while financing the renovations. Arizona Hard Money Lenders generally do not impose early payment penalties, as well. That can be a life saver to an investor who quickly rehabs and sells the property. Hard money underwriting is more lenient which speeds up closing dates. This is important because it doesn’t matter how rich you are or how great your credit is—the process of getting a conventional loan is long, tedious and a general pain. Using a hard money lender, a borrower can close their deal in less than two weeks—and in the real estate world quick closes are everything.

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