Can You Really Be Approved for Texas Hard Money Loans if you have Rotten Credit?

April 3, 2019
Horror Stories of Texas Hard Money Loans
April 3, 2019

Can You Really Be Approved for Texas Hard Money Loans if you have Rotten Credit?

Obtaining a loan can be a difficult process if you don’t understand all of your options. If you haven’t explored the potential of private lenders, read more below to see what kind of things that offer that public money lenders don’t.

Joe and Sue were looking to fix and flip a home, but they had limited experience and an imperfect credit score. However, Joe’s experience in business school and Sue’s experience as a designer made them great candidates for successfully flipping a home. Still, their local banks wouldn’t approve their plans.

Joe and Sue began to look elsewhere, and soon found that private lenders could offer loans to people with rotten credit, and they could offer the money fast.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Private Loan Lender?

Joe and Sue research local Texas hard money lenders, and soon found a reliable private investor to meet with. They brought their plans for the home, which included blueprints, timelines, budgets and references of the small team they would be working with on the renovations.

Their private lender, Dan, loved it, noting that the risks for failure were low. Because Dan focused on the property’s potential, instead of Joe and Sue’s financial history, he was able to approve them for their Texas hard money loans. Needless to say, Joe and Sue were ecstatic and Dan was able to get that process going the very day.

Joe and Sue were shocked they hadn’t considered Texas hard money lenders sooner because of the flexibility, transparency and speed they offered. Fortunately for Joe and Sue, they put in the research to find a reliable Texas hard money lender.

What are the Possible Consequences of Working with Private Investors?

When seeking out private Texas hard money lenders, it is essential to find a reliable one. Sometimes it’s good to have a real estate attorney look over the terms of the loan agreement so that you don’t overlook any hidden and predatory fees. Other times, it just takes a little extra research to see the history of clients your lender has had. Knowing what kinds of projects and clients your lender has had success with in the past is also a good indication if they are a good candidate for your project.

Joe and Sue didn’t hire a real estate attorney to help them in their process, but because they took their time looking over the terms of the loan and asking questions, they were able to find solid ground with their lender. In some unfortunate cases with Texas hard money loans, investors have pulled out last minute. A lot of the time, the first thing people think of when borrowing money is their reliability as a borrower—but it is essential to consider your lender’s reliability. You never know what fees or stipulations they may be trying to hide in their agreements, or what they may do at the last minute—like suddenly pull out of the contract.

If you are seeking Texas hard money loans, take your time and don’t give up. There are lenders out there who may be invested in you and your project; you just have to find them.

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