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A Arizona Construction Loan can also be called spec home financing. These are loans that are given to investors who are going to build a property.

Most banks are not comfortable lending on a property that is “speculative”—meaning the building of the property is a plan, but there is no property to speak of yet. And, the investors are building to sell for a profit.

Maybe you already have the land the property will be built upon—now you have to get the financing that will allow you to actually build the property. If a bank isn’t going to approve you for financing, who is?


After you have done all your planning and gotten all your permits in order, you are what is called “shovel ready.” You are ready to start breaking the ground and building. This is where most Arizona Hard Money Lenders are ready to get involved in the project. All plans need to be approved by the city you are building in—the zoning must be handled. A hard money lender does not want to get involved in a mess. They want to see proof that the investor is authorized to build before they approve a Arizona Construction Loan.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders requirements are a little different than banks when applying for a conventional loan. Banks require a large amount of various documents such as proof of employment—typically from the last three years, proof of all income, a breakdown of your assets, W2s from the last several years and so on. Hard money requirements are a little different in the hard money spec loan department. Arizona Hard Money Lenders aren’t seeking a 750 credit score and are more lenient on job history. They will look at tax returns and bank statements. However, they look at the overall project versus focusing so much on your income and credit. These Arizona Hard Money Lenders focus on specialized projects. It helps to have experience on your side—however, the project and the profit that is projected is what Arizona Hard Money Lenders are looking at.

Knowing how the world of private money investment is crucial before jumping into a project that requires funding.

First, have all the construction plans approved. You must have a construction budget. Many lenders do due diligence and have a third party construction management company perform a budget review—to make sure the budget is in line with realistic costs. Lenders may also conduct a future value appraisal that is based on the plans of the property. Expect that lenders will finance 65% of the future value of the property.

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