How Arizona Hard Money Loans Work

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April 15, 2019
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How Arizona Hard Money Loans Work

Arizona Hard Money Loans work similar to conventional loans—with half the hassle and much more flexibility.

Just like a traditional bank, borrowers must apply for an Arizona Hard Money Loan. However, instead of waiting weeks, if not months, to find out if you are approved—you find out typically within a day or two. Unlike banks you are generally financed within two weeks. This is helpful for investors who have found a property and don’t want to lose it to an all cash buyer.

Like traditional loans, Arizona Hard Money Loans have an underwriting process. The good news is Arizona Hard Money Lenders do not dig deep into your financial history and the terms can be negotiated and so this underwriting process is leaps and bounds faster than a bank. Once you are pre-approved and have given the lender the information on the property an appraisal will be ordered. As long as the property meets the lender’s criteria and the borrower has purchased the necessary insurance the next step is closing and receiving the funds to purchase the property. It is a very quick process; unlike banks, where it can easily take up to 90 days to receive financing. Unfortunately, in these cases many times borrowers have lost the property due to hang ups with the bank.

How to Find The Right Arizona Hard Money Lender

If you are an investor, speak with other investors and find out which lender they work with. Word of mouth is the biggest way Arizona Hard Money Lenders receive clients. Because real estate investors are the primary clients of Arizona Hard Money Lenders, lenders work on reputation.

There are also many websites that can direct you to a lender that works in your area. Bigger Pockets and Arizona Hard Money Lender Directory are both websites where Arizona Hard Money Lenders are listed. As always, there is google; simply type your city and Arizona Hard Money Lender to find a list of lenders near you.

It is vital that you choose a lender that not only has a good reputation, but also has a solid track record. Because lenders make their own terms and requirements it is essential that you ask many questions when speaking to lenders. Find out about their origination fees (points). Do they have prepayment penalties? Ask the lender if they loan on LTV (loan-to-value) or ARV (after repair value). Depending on what your loan is for—this will make a considerable difference. Many lenders will finance the repairs of the property; find out if the lender you are speaking with does. Another question to ask is if there is someone in the office that can help you along the way—or are you alone on this venture?

Finding the right lender can turn into a future business partner.

Arizona Hard Money Loans are a win-win situation for investors and lenders. Once a borrower finds a lender they can work with there is opportunity for a long-term relationship. Finding the right lender can take your investments to an entirely new level.

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