How to Get Financing for Cannabis Marijuana Business Loans

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April 5, 2019
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How to Get Financing for Cannabis Marijuana Business Loans

The number of borrowers searching for Cannabis marijuana business loans is at an all the high. Understand the market and your options before stepping into this slightly perilous, though very lucrative, market.

If you are a startup business, adequate financing is a requirement to succeed in your target market. If you are a liquor store or restaurant, you may seek financing from a traditional bank or credit union. However, if you are venturing into a marijuana related business and the ambiguous legal status of the marijuana federally, banks have been prohibited to open accounts for these types of businesses. Do not get discouraged, some traditional banks have started offering merchant services and lines of credit and even some Cannabis marijuana business loans. To fill this gap, Arizona Hard Money Lenders have swooped in to offer their lending services.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a federal agency that guarantees banking institutions, will not insure banks that are providing Cannabis marijuana business loans. Banks would rather avoid making loans to a marijuana business since they view it as aiding and abetting activities that are felonies under Federal Law. Traditional banking institutions accepting deposits from marijuana businesses could be looked at as money laundering. The Department of Justice has decided not to prosecute banks, but if political winds change, as they are prone to do, the banks that have opted to allocate funds for these types of businesses could be in serious trouble.

To fill the space that is left behind by traditional banks that are not willing to provide Cannabis loans, private investors have moved in. Some of these include venture capital and private equity, angel investors, high interest loans provided by private investors, and marijuana consulting firms that offer loans through private funds they manage. And, of course, Arizona Hard Money Lenders. Some of the requirements for private equity firms to offer financing are: be incorporated, have a checking account in the business name, be in the marijuana business as a dispensary or grower for at least six months, monthly gross of at least $10,000, and have a personal credit score of 500. There are a number of public companies that acquire and invest primarily in medical marijuana ventures. A company may take a significant ownership stake (equity) in exchange for funding. The company, after the investment, still maintains operational control. Canada has just approved legislation making all marijuana legal.

Merchant Service

Marijuana businesses need a way to deposit money and write checks to pay bills, pay employees, and distribute profits to partners. If you want to use a traditional bank, you may not want to fully advise the bank what type of business you are in. Of course, do not cover up the type of business by making the banker think you are in some sort of different business as this is bank fraud and you do not need the headache.

Marijuana business financing is difficult, but the rewards are huge. The laws are constantly changing, making it beneficial to contact an attorney to learn the latest laws and any new revisions that have occurred.

At Level 4 Funding, we offer rates as low as 7.99%. We work with hundreds of direct hard money private lenders, some of which specialize in the Cannabis business field. No credit required and no surprise front or junk fees added to the loan. Call us for a no-obligation quote.

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