Is It Possible to Flip Houses in Colorado with Little to No Money?

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April 25, 2019
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Is It Possible to Flip Houses in Colorado with Little to No Money?

It might seem impossible, but it is possible to do a flip without any money down. One way is a Colorado Fix and Flip Loan, but let’s break down all the options.

There are three common ways to get a property for no money down that you intend to flip. Here they are:

  1. Wholesaling the fix and flip. Wholesaling means selling a purchase contract before you’ve even bought the property or properties. To do this, you’d find an investor (or a network of investors) and use a document called an Assignment of Contract. This document says that another buyer can take over your buyer’s rights before you’ve closed on the property. You and the investor would share the difference in the profits. This method can be better than plunking all your money into a property, but it also involves a lot of expertise and a silver tongue.
  2. Using Private Money. If you can find a cash partner, you can divide the cost — and, more importantly, the risk — with another person or two or three. Those people could be family members or friends. Or they could be an investment group that goes in together on a smart real estate move. This option is good for people who have at least some experience fixing and flipping properties.
  3. Hard money Colorado Fix and Flip Loans. If you have an existing property that’s paid off, you can use that as collateral for a Colorado Hard Money Loan. Colorado Hard Money Loans have more relaxed qualification criteria, so even if you have bad credit or foreclosure in your past, you may be able to get funding. They are typically offered for short periods of time — often between three months and a year — and the interest rates can be higher than a traditional bank loan. This type of loan is ideal for people who already own property and have some experience flipping (although sometimes hiring an experienced contractor can be enough).

Finding the Right Fix and Flip Property

Whether you go with private money, wholesaling or hard money, you’ll need to spot the opportunities that will make investors willing to invest. Make sure you’re running all the numbers and leaving enough potential profit for everyone to make money. We recommend buying in an established neighborhood or one that’s up-and-coming.

Colorado Hard Money Loans for Flipping Properties

We have a lot of experience in the Colorado Fix and Flip Loan business. If you’re looking to make a sound investment with little or no money down, give us a call today to see how we can help make it happen.

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