Ready to Supercharge Your Income? Fix and Flip Loans Can Help.

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Ready to Supercharge Your Income? Fix and Flip Loans Can Help.

Whether you want to supercharge your income by buying and flipping houses professionally or you just want to do some weekend-warrior rehabbing for some side income, a Arizona fix and flip loan may be able to help.

From HGTV stars to celebrities and everyday people, flipping is super hot these days. Find a distressed property, put some money into fixing it up and sell it for a profit. Seems simple, right? While the reality can often be more complicated than this (there are always surprises, hidden costs and market fluctuations), the truth is that you can make good money flipping. In fact, the national average for a flip in America is around $30,000 and in some states, it’s much higher. In Pennsylvania, for instance, the average time to flip was 199 days and the average profit was $105,190 per flip, according to CNBC.

Flipping will also bring you a lot of skills. Some flippers hire out the work of rehabbing a home, but most learn how to do much of the work themselves. In so doing, they’re learning the ins and outs of installing flooring, putting in new kitchen cabinetry and redoing the landscaping and lots of other useful skills. You’ll also learn the market, understanding how the buying and selling process works and knowing what buyers are looking for when it comes to housing upgrades.

How to Finance Your Flip

Here’s the tricky part. You need a lot of upfront money to flip a home, including cash for the purchase and plenty of capital to do the rehab. Banks will do traditional mortgages, provided you have a great credit score, lots of money for a down payment and no issues in your past like a foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Here’s a better option — hard money Arizona ix and flip loans. They’re tailored specifically for flips, so they offer a range of advantages. First, approval is quick. Pre-approval can be done in a day and funds can be in your account in a week or two. Second, their terms are short — usually a year or less — which gives flippers just the amount of time they need to purchase, refurbish and resell a property. Finally, the loan is secured by the property, so there’s no extensive checking of credentials, making them perfect for people who less-than-stellar credit or a blemish on their financial history.

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