When You Should Turn to Texas Private Money Lenders

How Texas Hard Money Lenders Can Help You with Fixer Uppers
April 2, 2019
April 2, 2019

When You Should Turn to Texas Private Money Lenders

Obtaining a loan isn’t easy. Lack of decent credit score and a reasonable debt to income ratio is what turns many people from traditional public lenders to private alternative options.

Being denied a loan can be the cause of many things. It could be an unstable financial history, or unreliability as a lender. It could be unstable plans or an architect who is unable to meet deadlines. It could also be lack of experience and risk of failure if the loan is for something like a fixer upper. Being denied for a loan doesn’t mean you should stop looking—it just means you should look other places.

Oftentimes, loans can be combined with one another. Or, as we reside in the age of technology, you can receive investors from crowdfunding websites. Other ways could be untraditional, like loans from friends and family, but all work. Turning to a Texas private money lender is another option, but private lenders offer both positives and negatives based on your situation.

Reasons to Turn to Private Lenders

Texas private money lenders are companies or individuals who invest in properties, usually using hard money. They approve candidates who wish to borrow based on the property’s value, potential, and chances for success. If your plans are solid and you have a reliable team, there is still a possibly to be approved by a private lender, even if you have been rejected by a public one and have less than perfect credit.

Another reason private lenders can be good to work with is because of their transparency. They will be honest with you if they do not like the project, and will be able to work with you a little bit more than public lenders like banks. For instance, they are known to work with lenders if they need loan extensions. These extensions can be anywhere from one to five years. With the ability to work more individually than public lenders, they can be a great option when seeking out a loan. However, private Texas hard money lenders have high costs that should be considered before jumping right in to a loan agreement.

Doing What’s Best for You

Hard money is a great option because it is fast, and the lenders who offer it can maintain some form of flexibility. However, their attractive qualities are countered by high interest rates and a short loan repayment period. In some cases, like those of fixer uppers, a short loan repayment period makes sense, and is usually preferred. Confidence in the repayment plan is essential because failure to meet deadlines could result in dastardly situations that would make it even more difficult to obtain another loan in the future.

If the cost of Texas private money lenders is too high, there are always other options or—other private lenders. Just because one private lender doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean another won’t as well. As long as you understand the terms you are agreeing to, working with private Texas hard money lenders is common, and is often the solution many go to when seeking out a loan. If you are still unsure, or if your particular loan need isn’t something to be accomplished in such a short time frame, it’s always possible to hire a real estate attorney to look over the terms of the loan with you. Having a professional in the field can give you the confidence you need so you know that when you accept or reject a Texas hard money lender, you know you’re doing what’s best for you.

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