Who are Residential Hard Money Lenders?

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Who are Residential Hard Money Lenders?

Fred wanted to renovate a home and put in the market for profit, but he didn’t know where to go. He was experienced in home renovations and knowledgeable about the housing market, but he had poor credit. Read more below to find out how he was able to get approved by a residential hard money lender to get funding for his project.

Fred did what most people do first: seek out a local bank or credit union. Banks are traditional lenders, but they have high standards when it comes to loans. You have to have a great credit score and debt to income ratio, and really prove yourself as a reliable borrower. Fred, however, could not. So, he began to seek out untraditional options and came across residential hard money lenders.

Fred found that, while technically considered alternative and private options, these lenders were able to offer money fast and approve a wide variety of borrowers. He began to research local lenders near him to find out more.

The Benefits of residential hard money lenders

When Fred met with his local lender, he learned that the collateral of the property he wanted to obtain was considered before his financial history. The plans for the property and the overall investment potential posed greater risks to his lender than his finances. His lender was able to overlook an imperfect finance history for the investment value of Fred’s plans. Fred was relieved to learn he qualified for a loan with his residential hard money lender. Before he sealed the deal, however, he had to consider the risks—even if the possibility of receiving a loan with a 75 percent LTV loan to value ratio seemed like a dream come true.

The Risks residential hard money lenders

Before diving into a deal with your lender, you need to consider their reliability. Lenders and borrowers work on two way streets, and your reliability is just as important as your lenders. Additionally, it is essential to consider the high interest rates. When Fred first saw his lender’s rates, he couldn’t believe they were as high as 5 percent more than others on the market. However, Fred saw potential in his lender. Because he was working on a fixer upper, the short repayment period didn’t scare him. He was experienced in renovations and believed the property would sell when it was on the market, making the short repayment period easy to deal with. Not only that, but Fred found it key to work with his lender to obtain the funds—and therefore his property—fast. Even banks couldn’t offer the speed of his lender. Banks could take more than a month, but Fred’s lender only needed a week to get going. While there were risks associated with private hard money lenders, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons. Fred found it essential to work with his lender on his fixer upper, though he noted they wouldn’t be ideal in every situation. Fortunately, the speed of his lender was able to help him obtain his property, as well as renovate and sell successfully.

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