Bad Credit Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Conduit Lenders vs.Hard Money

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Bad Credit Commercial Mortgage Lenders: Conduit Lenders vs.Hard Money

If your business’s credit score has suffered from lagging sales due to a poor location, you’ve probably considered moving. You’ve likely looked into all sorts of bad credit commercial mortgage lenders, including conduit lenders and hard money. Learn why hard money might be a better option.

Hard money is any loan secured by the value of a hard asset. When it comes to qualifying the main factor these lenders consider is, “if this borrower defaults will I make my money back by reselling their property?”If the answer is yes, you can get a hard money mortgage, even if your business has gone through financial difficulties.

Conduit loans, on the other hand, are individual mortgages which are bundled into securities which are then sold off on wall street as something called “commercial mortgage-backed securities.” These lenders give loans to bad credit borrowers because the main thing they care about is, “how long can I keep this person making interest payments?”

When compared to conduit loans, hard money might seem far more expensive-but once you sign on to a conduit loan, getting out of it is next to impossible.

When it comes to bad credit commercial mortgage lenders, conduit lenders might offer lower rates, but there are strings attached.

Conduit loans are a bit like a loveless marriage, in that getting out of them is both messy and expensive.

If you want to get out of a conduit loan early, you’ll end up paying a premium so that the folks on wall street can continue to collect interest payments on your mortgage. If you want to pay off a conduit loan early, yield maintenance comes into play, and if you want to refinance, you’ll have to go through defeasance. In both instances, you give your lender money so they can buy treasuries so that they can continue to pay dividends to their investors.

Depending on the size of your loan, the costs of yield maintenance and defeasance could easily exceed a hundred thousand dollars. So if your business is facing short term financial difficulties don’t get sucked in by the low rates conduit lenders offer. Getting out of these deals once you’ve signed onto them could prove to be an expensive nightmare.

When it comes to bad credit commercial mortgage lenders, hard money is the better option.

Hard money providers encourage you to pay them back early.

So in the world of hard money, there is no such thing as yield maintenance or defeasance. If your sales are suffering because of a lousy location, hard money can help you secure a new storefront. As your sales pick up after a few months and your financial situation improves you can then refinance to a regular commercial mortgage. No strings attached.

So don’t marry a wall street bureaucrat for the next 30 years because your business is suffering due to short term financial difficulties. Hard money might charge more in the short term, but in the long run, it offers you something conduit lenders can’t: financial freedom, and who can put a price on that?

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