How to Stretch Your Hard Money Loans When Marketing Properties

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May 21, 2019
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May 22, 2019

How to Stretch Your Hard Money Loans When Marketing Properties

Most people think about how to stretch Arizona Hard Money Loans in terms of revamping a property. However, in certain niches, crafting and maximizing a marketing budget is essential too.

Realistically, not everyone who leverages Arizona Hard Money Loans for their fix-and-flip projects or spec homes will need to market that property. A few folks, either by luck or savvy locale choices, will garner interest in the property even before it’s complete simply by being present and active. Some chat up neighbors while they’re on site and others place a sign in front of the home letting people know when it will be available and who to contact. Leaving flyers outside the property for people to pick up is helpful too. However, those working in suburban and rural areas don’t have the same benefit of foot traffic and, as the value of the project goes up, the behavior of buyers changes too. Ergo, if you’re working on high-end projects, you’ll almost certainly require a marketing campaign.

The question then becomes how to market the property on a shoestring budget and how to minimize the time between finishing the project and closing on your sale. One technique is to finish the exterior of the home first. From there, you’ll be able to snap photos and get the home listed in newspapers or online ads. Mailing postcards to people in the area may be beneficial too. Oftentimes, current residents have friends and family members who would like to relocate to the area. This can also help you build up rapport with the neighbors who sometimes offer tips for future projects or request information on similar properties.

Harness the Power of Digital and Work at Home

If you’re using Arizona Hard Money Loans to fund some of your marketing efforts, free and cheap options are even better. For that, the Internet is golden. Run searches for neighborhood websites or local groups on Facebook. Maintain a list of people who have made inquiries on this and other properties and send out emails. You may also be able to purchase email lists specific to the zip code you’re working in. Once repairs are complete, you can save time and money by creating virtual tours, which let potential buyers know exactly what the property’s like without ever setting foot inside. The tour can be listed on real estate sites or, if you’re particularly tech savvy, can be placed on a dedicated website which gets updated as the project progresses to build up hype.

Get advice from real estate agents and develop a strong network.

Connecting with real estate agents, brokers, and others in the field can be beneficial too. Even those you’ve sourced your Arizona Hard Money Loans from may know of potential buyers. Consider hosting an open house or event to connect with others in the industry—not just for this single project, but as part of an ongoing strategy. Send them information about deals and customers who may need their services, and chances are they’ll do the same for you.

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