Is speculative home financing a viable option for you?

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May 10, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Is speculative home financing a viable option for you?

Read further to learn how one person researched, evaluated and decided that this route was for her.

Margaret Dioss was comfortable—her children were grown and settled, her house was in top shape, her health was good and the money she her late husband had saved provided her with a decent living. She stuck to her monthly budget. But she was also bored—her mind kept returning to her early twenties when she worked for a realty company in San Francisco. No two days were ever alike and she learned a lot before getting married and moving away.

She kept thinking of a property outside of Whittier that was near the local mall. It sat on two acres containing a house and a couple of outbuildings. The home didn’t look old, but it was in need of a little renovation to make it more attractive.

Deciding to ‘just look’, she drove out, noting that the For Sale sign was not close enough to the street to be read accurately. I think I need a loan, she thought, and decided to contact people she already knew.

After one day’s appointments with the bank where she had accounts and two mortgage companies, one of whom she had done business with some years back, Margaret found herself at home both tired and disgusted. Not only had the first mortgage company said no, it had pointed out that her credit basically was non-existent since her bills were paid. The other one wanted a large amount of paperwork, some she wasn’t sure she could obtain. The bank was worse, saying that she didn’t really match up to other clients, and discouraging her from taking on the venture. “It’s a touchy business. Most of the fellows we know who are in it are always talking about getting out.”

She turned to the newspaper section on real estate and her eyes fell on an ad for speculative home financing through a company she had heard of, but didn’t know much about. She quickly headed for her computer to check out Trenton Finance Corporation’s page.

This type of loan, Margaret discovered, was basically financing done on unsold property. These loans were not a big part of the group normally made for construction, but still classed as a steady factor. She typed in spec loan requirements and found the following basics needed for any such venture.

Location played into getting the money—the house was near the mall and the highway headed downtown. She could have a partner to team up with or go on her own. The collateral that was required could be the equity in her house.

The following morning Margaret called the company that held the property. Following a look over, she called TFC and made an appointment for the next day to further check out speculative home financing.

In a very short time, Margaret had her loan and was actively engaged in what her husband would have called ‘sprucing up’ the property. “Well, Max, I’m not bored anymore,” she told her dog with a smile as she came in from working one afternoon.

What are your chances of doing what Margaret Dioss did? Everyone’s situation is different. Investigate both conventional financing and the non conventional as well, get the documentation showing your financial history and find out all the details on the prospective property. Find out if speculative home financing is the avenue you should take.

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