Taking Advantage of Arizona Spec Home Financing

How Borrowers Are Reaping the Benefits of Arizona Hard Money Loans
May 30, 2019
How to Make a Profit with Arizona Spec Home Financing
May 31, 2019

Taking Advantage of Arizona Spec Home Financing

Traditional and untraditional money lenders are regulated in different ways. These differences allow for borrowers to have different options when seeking out loans. So, how can you take advantage of these differences?

The difference between traditional and untraditional lenders is the difference between public and private. Banks and credit unions are examples of public lenders, and individual companies and investors are examples of private lenders. Arizona Private Money Lenders have less requirements and regulations when it comes to approving borrowers for loans, making them a great option for those who may need it.

Arizona Private Money Lenders offer hard money. They can offer it fast and with more transparency than banks. If you are seeking out a loan for Arizona spec home financing, perhaps a private hard money lender in Arizona is right for you!

The Basics of Arizona spec home financing

Before jumping into a Arizona spec home financing agreement with your local private hard money lender in Arizona, you need to understand how a few things work first. You need to know if a short-term high interest loan is right for you. Compared to other loans on the market, the interest rate can be as high as five percent more than average. The expected timeline of these loans is six to twelve months, but it is not uncommon to get an extension for up to five years. Working with your lender will be super individualized, especially compared to the bank. Legitimate private lenders are known for being generally transparent and personable. The goal is to invest in the potential of you and your project—and if they aren’t feeling it, they will tell you. When you meet with your lender you will want to provide a business plan, tax returns, bank statements and a marketing plan for your spec home. The ultimate goal of the spec home is to turn a profit—and you need to be able to prove to your lender you will be able to do so.

Tips and Tricks

Funding plans for Arizona spec home financing usually begins with finding a local lender. Most lenders only want to work on projects in their location. The lot should also be considered an “improved” lot. This simply means it is more than just an empty lot. It should have curbs, power and water lines, and sewers which will help increase its chances of getting a buyer. Your lot should also be near a populated area. Being close to local businesses and restaurants increases the appeal for potential clients who want the social opportunities. If it’s your first spec home, you also want to make sure you choose a project with low risk factors. Being feasible and realistic throughout the process will help ensure you’re successful, and have the opportunity again to profit off another project in the future. In general, private lenders can be great options because they emphasize collateral and your ability to complete the project, instead of a possibly imperfect financial history. If you are interested in utilizing a private lender for your spec home, research local lenders near you. Bring to them your documents showcasing your financial history, property information, and detailed plans so that you can start your dream project!

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