Why Knowing Your Office Building’s Class Can Help with Arizona Commercial Private Loan

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Why Knowing Your Office Building’s Class Can Help with Arizona Commercial Private Loan

Got an office building in your sights and need a Arizona Commercial Private Loan to make the sale happen? Knowing its class can help you in more ways than one. Here’s how.

A huge part of due diligence in the real estate game — from applying for a Arizona Commercial Private Loan and putting in an offer to getting insurance and eventually listing it — is determining value. This can be even more true when it comes to commercial real estate. Things like buying in the wrong part of town or not catching a red flag can doom that commercial purchase and kill any potential profit it might have yielded.

One of the ways in which real estate professionals work to determine value is by putting commercial spaces into classes. It’s a subjective process, but it’s a tool to help you compare comparable buildings that will be competing for tenants. To help you get a better idea of the concept, let’s look at the classifications for commercial buildings.

How Are Commercial Properties Classified?

  1. Class A commercial properties are typically relatively large and relatively new and boast a wider range of amenities. They might have upgraded elevator systems, a concierge or security service, and technological enhancements that attract a more prestigious type of tenant. And, Class A buildings generally feature stunning architectural details and have that unnamable “wow” factor. Owners can charge a premium for the upgraded amenities and prime location.
  2. Class B buildings are typically a bit older — perhaps 10 to 20 years — and may be a touch outdated or not equipped with the highest-end amenities. Class B buildings may feature less covered parking or be located on a side street adjacent to a main thoroughfare. This class of commercial property usually fetches the market average for rents.
  3. Class C commercial buildings may be even older and more outdated, with previous tenants who have left their office or retail space a little rundown. Parking and security might be less present or even nonexistent, and maintenance may be lacking. This class might attract business looking for a more economical option and may get below-average rents.
Using Building Class to Get a Commercial Private Loan

There’s nothing inherently “wrong” with any of these building classes, but being armed with this information is an important step in applying for a Arizona commercial private loan. Build this info into the plan and budget you present to the lender and he or she will see that you’ve got your ducks in a row.

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