Why Regulations Make Arizona Private Money Lenders Better Than a 203K

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Why Regulations Make Arizona Private Money Lenders Better Than a 203K

Banks don’t usually like to lend when a property needs serious repairs, so the government created the FHA 203(k) loan to help. However, once you know all the regulations and red tape which come with this program, you might find yourself turning to Arizona Private Money Lenders instead.

Before getting into Arizona Private Money Lenders, let’s start by breaking down the FHA 203(k) loan. This is a program overseen by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Programs like the 203(k) exist to spur development. Each one works a little differently, but the general goal is to put home ownership within reach for more people and protect consumers.

When people talk about an FHA loan, the FHA isn’t actually supplying the mortgage. They’re providing insurance, which gives lenders an added layer of security. That way, if the homeowner stops paying his mortgage, the lender isn’t out the money; the loan is insured. However, the FHA is not covering the costs associated with it. Homeowners pay an upfront fee and then have monthly fees for as long as they have the insurance. On average, it works out to a little under $100 per month.

Properties with a lot of problems, especially those with structural issues or damage to major systems—think roofs, air conditioning, electrical, and so forth—don’t generally qualify for any kind of bank loan at all. Furthermore, most programs aren’t designed to handle even basic renovations as part of a mortgage. You can only qualify for a percentage of the current value of the property.

This is why the FHA 203(k) is actually beneficial. It’s not a bad program. It lets homeowners get up to 110% of the value to the property after repairs. There are other neat little perks associated with it too, like the ability to put down less money, the potential to borrow enough to cover mortgage payments for several months, and flexible terms.

Beware: The FHA 203K is not as great as it seems

Like any financial product, the 203(k) has some pitfalls and it doesn’t work in every situation. For example, there is an “owner-occupied” stipulation, which means you can’t use the program if you’re an investor or don’t plan to live in the home more than half the time. Closing on the loan can take six months or more as well, which makes it difficult to jump on a good deal. The standard 203(k) further requires you to hire a construction consultant and licensed contractors must carry out all work. You are not allowed to do any DIY. You’ll also need good credit to qualify. It’s stipulations like these which send people in the direction of Arizona Private Money Lenders.

When you know the pitfalls, it’s easy to see which loan is right for you.

Arizona Private Money Lenders don’t have the same rules. If you’ve got rotten credit, don’t plan to live in the home, want to close in days rather than months, and plan to use your own sweat equity, alternative lending may be your best. If you’re one of the many people 203(k) falls short for, speak with an experienced broker about hard money.

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