Who are Commercial Hard Money Lenders?

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May 31, 2019
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June 1, 2019

Who are Commercial Hard Money Lenders?

Borrowers seeking out loans will have the opportunity to work with either public or private lenders? But what’s the difference? And how can you make the most of those differences in your personal situation?

Public lenders are traditional loan lenders composed of banks and credit unions. They are regulated strictly, and approval does not always come easy. Great credit score, debt to income ratio, and financial history are all key things that will play a role in whether or not you qualify. Paystubs, job history, taxes, debt, and properties are all things you will discuss when meeting with your local public lender. If you find, however, you have an imperfect financial history, you may be referred to a private money lender.

Arizona Private Money Lenders are untraditional lenders composed of individual companies and investors who aren’t as regulated as banks. When you meet with your local private money lender, you will find you won’t have to provide as much documentation. Their focus will be on the collateral of the property they are investing in. They do want to know you are a reliable candidate with potential, but they won’t disqualify you for imperfect credit scores.

What You Need to Know About Private Lenders

Private lenders offer hard money. These commercial Arizona Hard Money Lenders aren’t strictly regulated, however, they do have a few strict specifications to their loan agreement. For example, they offer hard money, a short-term loan with high interest rates and fees. The expense is high—and with a quick turnaround, too! Commercial hard money lenders, though, are very personable. They get to know you, your property, and your situation. If you need a loan extension, they are likely to offer you one. Usually, hard money is expected to be paid off within a year or less, though it is not uncommon for private lenders to extend the loan as long as five years. Because of the timeline, many borrowers of hard money use it for fixer uppers. The goal of a fixer upper is to fix, flip and sell—quickly. A successful flip literally lends itself to the timeline of hard money. Preventing foreclosures is another common use of hard money because commercial Arizona Hard Money Lenders can offer speed. A public lender may need as long as a month to get the process going, but a private lender may only need a week. Speed is never a bad thing—especially when budgets and timelines play such strong factors in your success.

How to Know What’s Right for You

If you are interested in hard money, research local private lenders in your area. Find out what kinds of projects your lender has done and what kind of success their clients have had. Remember to take your time! Speed is a good thing when the process gets going, but there is never any need to rush your decisions. Take time finding the right private lender for you, and take your time discovering the right property. A first-timer into the housing market will want to make decisions that are low-risk, and you will only know what that means to you and your plans by putting in the time, energy and research to find success.

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