3 Best ways to use Arizona hard money loans

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3 Best ways to use Arizona hard money loans

You might have started investing in real-estate to find financial freedom. But currently your dreams might be on hold as you wait for the bank give you financing. But if you use Arizona hard money loans, you might not need to wait. Learn 3 ways Arizona hard money can help your make your dreams come true.

Arizona hard money is basically a private loan secured by the value of collateral, such as the property you intend to finance. Its a great way to fuel short term deals with a fast turn around.

What counts with these lenders is the potential value of a property, not its current condition or your financial situation, and because collateral is key here, there’s far less paperwork involved.

Heres 3 ways Arizona hard money loans can help make your dreams come true

• Give you money to fix up a property and sell it for a profit- If you want to get into the flipping business to escape the nine to five grind, you’ll need financing and Arizona hard money remains the best way to finance flips.

• Give you cash to make offers on competitive properties- If there’s a great rental property in an up and coming area and other investors are scrambling to make an offer, Arizona hard money can close quickly allowing you to seal the deal and make a full cash offer.

• Give you a chance to overcome financial issues- Perhaps theres a great investment opportunity that could pay off a boat load of bad debts, but lender after lender keeps denying you. With Arizona hard money you still have a chance to qualify because collateral not credit is key.

Heres three specific ways to use Arizona hard money loans

• When it comes to flips- Loans on real-estate are given either as a percentage of a properties current value, or a properties value after its been repaired. Unlike other lenders, Arizona hard money folks can give you loans based on a properties value after you fix it up. Which means you can get a bigger loan. The less money you spend out of pocket on a flip the greater your profits will be.If you need financing for a flip, would you rather have a standard loan for 75,000 dollars or get a Arizona hard money deal for 180,000 dollars?

• When it comes to cash offers- Since Arizona hard money is basically secured only by the value of a property, usually all that’s needed to qualify is a quick appraisal. While competing investors are scrambling to get funds from the bank or folks on their contact list a Arizona hard money provider can give you the cash you need to close the deal. Once the deal is sealed you simply refinance..Without Arizona hard money such a deal might not be possible.

• When it comes to bad credit-When it comes to Arizona hard money, collateral not credit is key. If you have a solid deal in mind that could pay off a boat load of bad debt, a Arizona hard money provider will look past your current financial difficulties. After you’ve earned a return and paid down your debts, you’ll likely qualify for more conventional financing. But other lenders wouldn’t have given you a chance.

So if you’re in any of the above situations, Arizona hard money really is your best bet.

Whether you want to flip a house, make a full cash offer or just need a chance to improve your financial situation-Arizona hard money is your best option.

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