Bad Credit? How Arizona hard money loans can help

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August 28, 2019
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Bad Credit? How Arizona hard money loans can help

A single solid real-estate deal could help you clear up a boat load of old debt, but if you have bad credit you can’t invest in real-estate, right? Because Banks just don’t give financing to folks with double digit credit scores. Well even if your credit score happens to be 75, you can still invest in real-estate with the help of something called Arizona hard money loans.

Conventional wisdom is that the last thing a person with bad credit should do is get into more debt. But, conventional wisdom is often wrong. Conventional wisdom once said that leeches could cure the plague.

In truth a single sound investment could change your financial future and Arizona hard money can help fuel the cost of these investments.

Even with bad credit, Arizona hard money lenders can give you a loan

Most lenders consider your credit score above all else, but Arizona hard money providers really only care about one thing-collateral. So even if you have a credit score of 75 a Arizona hard money provider could still fund your deal if you have a decent down payment on hand and your deal has enough potential.

A quick search about Arizona hard money will reveal high interest rates, balloon payments-scary words especially for someone with financial difficulties. You might be thinking ‘so these guys don’t care about credit, and they’ll give me a six month loan at 12 percent interest, it sounds like a scam. Given terms like that why don’t I just go get another credit card to pay off my debts?”

The fact of the matter is, Arizona hard money is a legitimate business,. In fact, Arizona hard money is the go-to form of financing for those in the flipping business.

Now you might be thinking “since when was flipping houses a sound financial strategy?”

Flipping houses with the help of Arizona hard money loans could be a path to financial freedom.

Arizona hard money can help you resolve your credit issues, because a single solid flip could earn you tens of thousands of dollars.

However, there’s a right and wrong way to go about this.

The right way to use Arizona hard money would be to perform all the due diligence possible, have a clear understanding of what a property will go for after you fix it up, have a clear timeline for your renovations, fix up the property, sell it and then use the resulting profits to pay off your initial Arizona hard money financing and your remaining bad debts.

The wrong way to use Arizona hard money would be to purchase a distressed property, with no understanding of what it will go for after you’ve fixed it, or how long your renovations will take.

So Arizona hard money isn’t too good to be true, because flipping is hard work, and above all it is certainly not risk free.

But what sounds better to you- fixing your credit issues through decades of penny pinching or resolving them in a couple months by flipping a single house?

If your willing to take that risk Arizona hard money can help.

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